Stronger (Sequel to I Wish)

I reccomend you read 'I Wish' before this one.

It has been one and a half years since Kirsty last saw the members of One Direction. They haven't contacted each other at all over this period so Kirsty has not told them that she is pregnant.
Her pregnancy was unwanted and unexpected and the father is her rapist ex-boyfriend Dylan, who again did it to her 7 months after she had moved away from the boys and out of her Dad's house.
Kirsty, now 18, is now nearing her due date. When she is putting up her decorations in time for Christmas, an early, unexpected present arrives at her door.


9. This Was a Mistake

Harry's POV

I arrived at the hospital and asked the receptionist where Kirsty was. I ran straight up to her room and found her sleeping in her bed, snoring gently. I sneaked over to the chair and held her hand lightly - being careful not to wake her. I sat there for 20 minutes and then she started to stir.

Her eyes shot open and glanced over at me. When she noticed who was sitting there, she whipped her hand away and shot me a death glare. 'Get out,' she growls and I just shake my head. 'I said, get out.'

'No, we need to talk,' I say and she gives me a quick nod. 'The whole thing with Jessica was a mistake, I promise you that it didn't mean anything. I lo-'

'Don't even say that. You cheated on me - twice. What makes it worse is that you do it while your daughter is dying. No doubt she is likely to die now,' she starts crying.

'Don't say that, she will pull through,' I stroke her hair but Kirsty slaps my hand off.

'Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I went to see her after I left you and her machines were beeping. I didn't get any news because I passed out out the sight of it. She's going to die and you don't even care,' she half shouts through sobs.

'What? I didn't kno-'

'Of course you didn't. You were sleeping with my best friend,' Kirsty looks at her hands in her lap. The nurse walks in, breaking the silence.

'Good afternoon Mr Styles, Miss Evans. I am so sorry to you both but unfortunately, Darcy's condition was too severe for her to survive. I'm extremely sorry,' the nurse tells us and Kirsty mumbles something and bursts into tears.

'No, no, no. Can I see her. Please!' She screams and the nurse comes to sit on her bed, stroking her back.

'You may see her from outside the room but unfortunately you aren't allowed to go in. If you would like to follow me...' the nurse drifted off and walked slowly out of the room, closely followed by Kirsty and then my me. I place my hand on Kirsty's back.

'Don't touch me,' she scowls at me.

I put my hands up in surrender and follow the nurse. We can't see Darcy underneath the cloth covering her up, but the whole atmosphere is dead around us. My daughter has died, and I have made a huge mistake because I can't control myself.


Kirsty's POV

I can't look any more. My daughter is lying there dead and there is nothing I can do as her mother to bring her back to me. She was the only thing I had left after my dad passed, and I'm done with Harry now. I have no one.

I turned and power walked off, towards the entrance. After telling the nurse that I may not come back, I stormed out and hopped into a taxi. I told him to go to my place, and fast, and he just nodded and sped off. As soon as we arrived, I jumped out and unlocked my front door.

Everyone said hey when I walked in but I ignored them and stormed upstairs. I walked into my en suite, opened the cupboard under the sink and grabbed the medicine basket. I tore through to the bottom and found the anti-depressants I was prescribed when my dad died. I turned it over and it said that I should take two a day.

Sod that, I thought as I opened the packet. My hands started shaking as I popped three out of the packet, and I hesitated before taking all of them in one go, downing them with a glass of water. I walked out and threw myself on my bed and cried until my eyes were lacking moisture.

Just then, Niall walked in. 'Hey Kirsty,' he says and lays next to me on the bed. I hug him tightly and don't let go.

'Help me Niall. Darcy died and I don't know what to do,' I sob into his shoulder, leaving water stains in his blue t-shirt.

'Darcy... died?' he hesitated and I could tell that Harry hand't told him.

'Yeah,' I cried harder and hugged him tighter.

'It's okay, I'm here for you. You're not alone in this. I need to get a drink, I'll be right back,' he slides off the bed and walks out of the room. Once I know he's gone, I walk into the bathroom and grab my razor; I place it on my skin and dig it in. Just then Niall walked into the room and saw what I was doing.

'Kirsty! What the hell are you doing?' he exclaims and I just shrug. 'This is no way to deal with the pain.' He grabs the razor out of my hand and pulls me up. 'Come on, lets get you in bed.'

I let him lead me and I hop into bed and pull the covers to my shoulders. 'Now that I have removed everything sharp, I am safe to let you sleep. Night,' his thick Irish accent drifted through my head. He kissed my temple and walked towards the door.

'Niall, stay with me,' I whisper and he stops. Niall nods and lays on top of the duvet. 

'Now, sleep,' he said and kissed my cheek. Before he had a chance to move, I turned my head and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back passionately and wrapped his strong arms around my tiny waist. My arms wrapped around his neck - holding him close - but then we were interrupted by the door opening. 

I looked towards it and Harry was standing there staring - with clear hurt and anger in his eyes. 'Sorry, was I interrupting something?' he mumbled sarcastically and looked down at his feet.

'Harry, what do you want?' I ask, irritated.

'I was hoping to talk to you, actually. Alone,' he says and glares at Niall. 

Naill shuffles out after kissing me on the cheek, closing the door behind him, and Harry stares into me, almost as if he is trying to read my mind. 'Well then, get on with it,' I demand, walking him up from his little daydream.

'Oh yeah... what was that with Niall? I mean, we've only just ended things...' He drifted off.

'So you decide who I date now? You have no control over me, Harry! You lost that right when you cheated on me again, with my best friend,' I started off yelling but my voice faltered and I ended up being quiet. I started crying and looked down from Harry's mesmerising emerald eyes to my wrist.

Harry followed my gaze and gasped when he saw the scarlet red gash up my wrist. 'Kirsty, why?' he asked, hurt.

'Why does it matter to you?' I whispered.

'It matters because I love you, Kirsty. I always have, I always will,' Harry walked over to me and hugged me tightly. I couldn't push him off so I just went limp in his hold.

'Harry, I- I can't.' I stuttered. He made a dreamy 'shh' noise in my ear and I could feel my eyes threatening to close and fall asleep. I was being rocked in his arms like I was a little baby, and I heard him singing in my ear faintly.

'If you're pretending from the start, like this, with a tight grip, then my kiss can mend your broken heart. I might miss everything you said to me. And I can lend you broken parts, like this, and I will give you all my heart. So we can start it all over again.'

I drift off to his soft voice, I knew that he was singing 'Over Again' with meaning to me. I wanted to start it all over again, but I'm not sure. What this pain is doing to my body is not healthy; should I risk everything I have to be happy?

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