Stronger (Sequel to I Wish)

I reccomend you read 'I Wish' before this one.

It has been one and a half years since Kirsty last saw the members of One Direction. They haven't contacted each other at all over this period so Kirsty has not told them that she is pregnant.
Her pregnancy was unwanted and unexpected and the father is her rapist ex-boyfriend Dylan, who again did it to her 7 months after she had moved away from the boys and out of her Dad's house.
Kirsty, now 18, is now nearing her due date. When she is putting up her decorations in time for Christmas, an early, unexpected present arrives at her door.


16. Over Again

Kirsty's POV

I stare at the car, trying to justify why Dylan was here in Doncaster. Was he trying to fund me? Was he trying to harm Lola? All different thoughts are spinning like tornadoes in my head.

'W-w-what are you d-doing here?' I stutter, trying to sound less scared than I actually am, but failing miserably.

'I'm here for my daughter,' Dylan states calmly.

'Oh, well I'm very sorry that I bothered you but if you come anywhere me or my family, I will kill you,' I whisper in a deadly tone and he is taken aback.

'The problem is, I cannot stay away from you and your family because you have my daughter,' he smirks and I look confused.

'No I do-'

'Oh I think you do,' Dylan laughs and speeds off down the road - leaving me standing on the curb, even more confused.

I whip around, grab Louis by the hand and drag him towards the school. 'What are you doing Kirsty? What's happened?' He asks shocked.

'Just co-operate please,' I say and drag him off quickly.

I reach the back entrance to the school reception and press the buzzer. 'Hello, how may I help you,' the intercom spoke and I took a deep breath in.

'I need to speak to my daughter's teacher about an incident that happened before she came into school that concerns her safety,' I talk quickly.

'Okay, come on through and I will get Miss Jones to meet you outside her classroom,' the intercom spoke again and a low-pitched buzz came from the door. I grabbed the handle and the door opened. 

Louis and I walked into the reception area and looked around. The school looked impressive - very decorative walls of the children's work. The receptionist named Mrs Cole smiled at us and took us round to the classroom in which Lola was in.

As soon as we reached the door, a young, pretty lady stepped out of the doorway. 'Good afternoon Mr Tomlinson, Miss Evans. I'm Miss Jones, Lola's teacher for this year. I you would like to follow me to my office.'

Miss Jones lead the way to the office and I glanced over at Louis, who was staring at the teacher. I elbowed him in the ribs and glared at him. He held his hand up in surrender and I nudged him lightly towards the door.

'So, what is it that you would like to talk to me about?' Miss Jones smiled.

'Do you supervise the children as they come out of the door to be picked up by their parents?' I ask in a hurry.

'Yes, it is me and the other TA that do that. We make sure that all of the children are with their parents at the end of the day. What is your concern?'

'Well, my ex-boyfriend is looking to kidnap Lola and I would like to say that either me or Louis will pick her up from school unless informed otherwise by us in person,' I suck in a deep breath.

'Of course, what does your ex-boyfriend look like so that we can escort him off of the premises for the safety of everyone,' Miss Jones looks serious now.

'He has very dark brown hair that can easily be mistaken for black, and it is always spiked on top of his head. He has deep blue eyes and a charmer smile, do not fall for his charms and compliments,' I say and Miss Jones thanks us.

Louis and I leave the room and I burst into tears. I glance into the classroom and meet Lola's eyes. She notices that I'm crying and asks the teaching assistant something. She immediately gets up and bursts out of the door, running into my arms.

'Baby, you have to go back to lessons. Promise me that you will never go with anyone else after school except mummy or daddy,' I sob and she hugs me tighter,nodding into my shoulder.

I pull back and she smiles, walking back into her classroom. Just as the door closes, she turns back and blows me a kiss through the window. I half smile and push myself up. As I do, I collapse into Louis' arms and cry my eyes out.

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