Stronger (Sequel to I Wish)

I reccomend you read 'I Wish' before this one.

It has been one and a half years since Kirsty last saw the members of One Direction. They haven't contacted each other at all over this period so Kirsty has not told them that she is pregnant.
Her pregnancy was unwanted and unexpected and the father is her rapist ex-boyfriend Dylan, who again did it to her 7 months after she had moved away from the boys and out of her Dad's house.
Kirsty, now 18, is now nearing her due date. When she is putting up her decorations in time for Christmas, an early, unexpected present arrives at her door.


21. Just Forget It...

Kirsty's POV

'What the hell, Louis? You were about to smash Harry's face in while Lola was still there!' I exclaim.

'Look, I'm sorry! I forgot that she was there... I wouldn't have done it otherwise!' He yells back at me and Lola starts to cry.

Our heads shoot towards her and then my face softens. 'Lola, sweetie, go and see Uncle Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. Daddy and I will be out in a moment,' I smile as she walks out of the front door.

'Seriously Lou, you can't get angry at Harry for the smallest things. Can't you see that he's just trying to wind you up? I thought you had more sense than that,' I tell him.

'How many times? I'm sorry! It's just that I love you too much and guess what, everyone I have ever loved has loved Harry more. I just don't want to loose you,' Louis' face dropped, but I lifted it back up with my fingers.

I smiled at him and kissed him. 'You will never lose me to Harry,' I mumble through the kiss and pull back. 'Look, how about we move the wedding to two weeks from now?'

'I'd like that,' Louis grinned at me and spun me around.

'Better get planning then,' I giggle and he lowers me to the floor. Louis walks out of the door to get Lola, while I just stand there thinking about what had just happened. I really do love Louis, but do I still have feelings for Harry? Was I just moving the wedding forward to prove something to Lou?


Louis' POV

Kirsty follows just moments later, gripping my hand tightly as she reaches my side. 'We have some news,' she grins from ear to ear. 'We're getting married in two weeks time!'

Everyone congratulates us, but I have a feeling that Harry didn't mean it. Of course, I don't rise to it, but it really got my blood boiling.

'Lets get this one to bed and we all can pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate?' I ask excitedly.

While we were cheering, I guide Lola up to her room and ask her which pyjamas she wants to wear.

'My fairy princess ones Daddy!' She squeals and I route through the draw that is overflowing with lots of pyjamas.

'How many pyjamas have you got, Lola?' I ask and laugh, not expecting an answer.

'32, duh!' She squeals again and I throw the ones she wanted in her face. Her sweet laugh fills the air around me.

'And how exactly do you know that?' I ask and tickle her sides.

'Bec...beca...because...mummy...counted...them,' Lola manages to say in between fits of laughter.

'Okay, hop into bed now.I'll see you in the morning,' I tell her after she had put on her pyjamas. I walk over to the doorway and whisper 'I love you,' before switching off the light. I close the door gently behind me.

I tip-toe downstairs to find Kirsty and the boys watching Finding Nemo on the sofa. I chuckle and all of their heads shoot towards me. 'You guys are such kids!'

'Says you!' Harry exclaims before shutting up and watching the film.  

'Now where's the champagne?' I ask, rubbing my hands together.

'We don't have any, I'll go get some,' Kirsty stands up and grabs the house keys ffrom the rack. 

'I'll go too,' Harry jumps up and runs over to the front door, putting his shoes on. 

I glare at him and he shrugs his shoulders. We stare each other out before Kirsty says 'Ready?'

'Yeah,' Harry replies before walking out of the door.

They walk out together and I can't help but stare out of the window - not that I don't trust Kirsty, it's more what Harry is likely to do that has me on edge. 

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