My Angel

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 26 Jun 2013
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Hey, I'm Ellie Miles, I have a LOT of sisters and I went to work when I was 16 but something went wrong...



"I just wanna rest now!" I said.

"Oh, no chance for that! You gotta push the other one out!" The doctor watching the X-Ray said.

"WHAT? Twins! Aw!" I said happily, but also sad that I had to push ANOTHER one out!

"3...2...1...PUSH!" A nurse said.

"ARGH!" I screamed, this time, louder.

"It's out!" Kel laughed happily.

"This one's a boy!" The nurse wiping the crap off him said.

"Thank you!" I smiled and held my two babies in my arms.

"Hello, baby...Tom and...Angel!" I named them.

"Aw, so cute!" Kel cried suddenly, giving me a shock.

"EEK! You scared me there Kel! Hey, you can go home if you want, I'm moving out with the...babies anyway, I've found a place near my mum's. Bye. Oh, be a darling and bring my stuff over, just clothes and a little bag by my bedside table, thanks!" I smiled as Kel rushed off.


"Bye! I'll miss you! Bye!" I called as I drove off with the babies in my car packed full of junk. The girls had all bought me 'going-away' gifts and they got me:


Two cribs, two baby carriers, a double buggy (Fold Up), a bunch of soft toys and a few hard ones, too, baby clothes, baby diapers, blankets, pillows and some baby dangling things that you put on the ceiling.



"Oh GOD! Stop wailing and crying! PLEASE!" I whispered to myself, the babies were putting me on edge here crying and demanding everything at once! Why should it be this hard? OMG!!!! Oh NO! Angel! Tom! Ugh! I'm coming! I took them out of their cot and took them to my bedroom. I had got the moving men to move all the furniture in here seeing as I had two crying babies and I couldn't do it myself. I sat on the bed, lay them down, got up, shut the curtains, sat down, took out my breasts, and let them suck on it. Oh, it felt weird alright...ewww...after their little 'breast feeding session' I carried them back to their cot and quickly they fell asleep. I grabbed a chair and my phone and sat next to their cots, texting to Kel, Dolly and Bridget. The last text I sent was to mum saying that I'll be over with the babies in 60 minutes. As soon as the babies woke up I dressed them, put their carseats into the car and sat them in it. As soon as I drove off the babies started again. Luckily I had packed some breastmilk for them each and let them suck on them. When I finally reached mum's house, (which was only a 20 minute drive) I knocked on the door and when they opened it I held the babies tightly in my hands.

"Oh, hello, Ellie!" Mum kissed the little babies' foreheads and smiled.

"Turned out I was pregnant with two!" I laughed.

"ELLIE!" I heard a voice behind mum say, of course, Ada barged through and stopped when she saw the two babies.

"Aw! They're cutie-wutie!" Ada May smiled.

"Yes, they are, would you like to hug them?" I asked, I didn't know what Ada would to to them if she held them, so I made her hug them.

"Yay! Thankie, Ellie!" Ada smiled after she hugged them, she was ever so careful with them, unlikely for a two year old!




"Bye, bye, Ellie-Wellie!" Ada giggled,

"Goodbye, Ada-Wada!" I laughed and kissed her forehead.

"Bye everyone!" I smiled and winked them bye as soon as the babies were safely put into their car seats.


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