My Angel

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 26 Jun 2013
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Hey, I'm Ellie Miles, I have a LOT of sisters and I went to work when I was 16 but something went wrong...


6. Taking Off

"Hello, yes? Thank you! Thanks! Yes, right! Uh-Huh! Yer! Sure! Bye! Thanks!" I said as I ordered a daycare for Little Un's Tots For Tots Daycare. As soon as I dropped the twins off I rushed back home to get changed. I flew on my sexiest dress. It was black with shiny sequins all over it, it was strapless, and showing a lot of cleavage. It went to about

on your leg and it looked very sexy. I flew on some sparkly black heels to go with it. I was going to pick up the kids at 6:45 pm so I had plenty of time, as it was just 3:15 at the moment. I looked in the mirror one last time and fingered my blobby belly bits. I took my dress back off and threw on my black tightener for under clothes, then I popped my dress back on and looked in the mirror. Better. I rushed out and caught the next bus. I arrived in town 15 minutes later and started looking for a nightclub. I walked in my sexiest way possible until I found a nightclub saying 'Getchya free boys here' I was looking for a man, so I walked in and instantly fell in love. He was the one. Standing there, drinking a bit of vodka. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing no shirt, so it revealed his sexy six pack. He was just wearing some jeans and some trainers. I walked over to him and started talking, "Hey, I'm Ellie and I'm 16, who are you?" I asked simply, "Hey, I'm Brad Tismann and I'm 17." He answered in a sexy voice. "Nice  dress!" He said, obviously staring at my boobs. "Like them?" I asked him and laughed. "Yes, actually!" He joked. After some talking he finally asked me to dance. I danced with him and then went to get a glass of vodka. Soon I finished that glass and wanted more, but I was a single mum and I had kids to pick up later. He took me out for some fresh air and I checked my phone. It was 5:05. I still had time.

"Urm, I know it's a LOT early but...I think I love you..." Brad said once I had put my phone back.

"Really? Me too!" I cried and we kissed passionately.

"Just one thing..." I said, pulling away,

"I'm a single mum." I cried to him.

"Now you're gonna hate me aren't you?" I broke into tears.

"No, I don't care, you're beautiful, and I love you!" He smiled, picked up my chin and kissed me again.


The kids were in bed and I was, too. I was checking my phone when I received another text, from Brad!

B-Can I cumm over?

E-Yea, sure, it's 19 Walway drive.

B-REALLY? U live next door 2 me! 18 Walway!

E- OMG! WOW! See u soon.



After 15 minutes of waiting I heard a knock.

"Hey, what took you so long?" I asked,

"Planning what to do!" He smirked,

"Why? Have you got something naughty for tonight?" I looked him up and down, shut the door and started kissing him. He kissed me back.


I don't think you wanna know what happened next but it was just wonderful.


I woke up feeling weird, I rubbed my head and found a boy in my bed. BRAD! I remember now! What a wonderful night!

"Hey babe, that was great last night!" I whispered into his ear as soon as he woke.

"Luckily the babies didn't cry!" I smiled.

"I'm gonna go breastfeed them." I took off my covers and stood up.

"That turns me on!" Brad laughed.

I walked into the twins room and found them with their eyes shut and I supposed that they were sleeping. Then Brad walked in and his jaw dropped as soon as he saw the babies.


"Oh, ok!" I started crying.

Brad took the babies downstairs and I chased after him. I got in the back with the babies and Brad drove to the hospital.

"These babies are dying ma'am! PLEASE HELP!" Brad screamed to the receptionist as we rushed in.

"Room 32." The receptionist didn't even look up from her computer, just simply continued typing calmly.

We rushed into room 32, on the first floor to the right.

"What is your case, madam and mister?" A doctor asked.

"DEATH!" Brad screamed, a tear pricking his eye.

"Calm down, calm down! Let me check the babies please!" The doctor took the babies out of our hands and walked into another room. We sat down crying. I rested my head on Brad's chest,

"It's gonna be ok!" Brad stroked my hair softly, trying to be brave, but inside I knew that he was crying just as much as me.


Five minutes later a female doctor walked in and held my hands.

"I'm sorry, but they're gone." She said silently. I cried floods.

"I'm sorry Mrs Woolder." She said, tightly holding my hands.

"WHAT? I'M NOT FRICKING WOOLDER!" I screamed loudly.

"Sorry, wrong room!" The doctor apologized.

"Oh my God!" I cried to Brad. But right now, inside I sure was feeling sorry for Mrs, Woolder, whoever she was.

A bit later the doctor we saw earlier walked in through the door with a sad look on his face, which made me worry...

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