My Angel

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 26 Jun 2013
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Hey, I'm Ellie Miles, I have a LOT of sisters and I went to work when I was 16 but something went wrong...


4. Give Yourself Another Chance

"It'll all work out in the end, honey!" Kelly reassured me kindly,

"Thanks, Kel." I smiled to her and thanked her politely.

"K, k." She smiled.

"God I hate that bastard!" I whispered silently, but not silent enough.

"Me too. NOW! Let's get us seeing if you're pregnant!" Kelly smiled,

"Why are you so happy? I'm gonna be a MUM at the age of fricking 16 for God's sake! IT'S GONNA BE HARD! Single MUM at the age of 16 - with a baby! URGH!" I moaned annoyingly.

"Calm it, babe! You'll find someone!" Kel smiled, passed me the test and walked out of the room, hinting at me that I should take the test.

"Fine." I said.

"YES!" Kel said a little too loudly.

I tried there for a good five minutes until something finally came out. I stood at the other end of the room and called Kel in. After another five minutes Kel said that it was time. I walked over to the stick lying there and saw a green light flashing. I knew green was good so I squealed with excitement and touched my belly. Kel noticed that I was pregnant and came over to me in a group hug!




"Hey, are you gonna be ok?" Kel asked me nervously.

"Yes!" I said for the one hundred and ninety ninth time today.

"Good, miss you, be back Tuesday, promise?" Kel confirmed,

"YES!" I laughed.

"Just shut up and I'll be fi-" I suddenly covered my mouth and rushed to the bathroom.

I cried as I let out a massive heap of vomit at the toilet edge.

"Crap." I said, as I wiped my tears away and flushed the toilet. I went to the tap and drank some water and then walked back into the living room.

"You ok?" Kel asked again.

"Yes, just a little bit of baby let out there." I laughed.

"Ok, I'm gonna go now, bye, see you soon!" I smiled and walked out of the room, downstairs and into my car.



"Guess who?" I smiled as I peeped round the door.

"ELLIE!" They all cried and came up and hugged me tightly.

"Ouch!" I cried suddenly. "He he. Just kidding!" I laughed and sat down at the table. It was now Christmas but there was no snow. Mum was making the turkey dinner as usual, as she does every year.

"Ellie got fat!" Ada May burst out.

"Hello, Ellie, darling! What's that I see?" Mum came and hugged me.

"Yes, there's something I need to tell you..." I started, but then I burst out in tears and raced up to the bathroom. I sat at the toilet edge vomiting every five seconds.

"Ellie, it's mum, open the door." I heard mum. I opened the door slowly.

"Darling, it's ok, if you became a little obese it's fine!" Mum sat next to me on the floor.

"IT'S NOT THAT, OK? I'M..." I winced like i just hurt myself, "...pregnant." I whispered.

"Oh." Mum stopped caring, talking, blinking, all she did was sit there, taking it all in, with no expression on her face.

"8 and a half months, if you wanna know." I said quietly.

"'s ok, I was 16 when I had you, so I suppose it's ok for you to...DARLING! Can you do this? You're single, right?" Mum said sorrowfully.

"Y-yes." I hesitated.

"I'm not going to ask how you got- but what I am going to is- what are you going to do with the baby?" Mum asked hopefully,

"Well, I was thinking, I have earned a lot of money now, so I could buy a small house or if needed a large flat for me and the baby around here and then I could get a new job here and then...I don't know..." I stammered.

"That sounds wonderful, just let fate do the rest." Mum smiled.

"Fate gave one girl in my class a bushy eyebrow." I said, probably not at the best time.

"Now, let's go down and have some food." Mum helped me up and then downstairs, minding my belly carefully.



"Bye, everyone! I'll be back soon, love you, bye!" I smiled and drove off.



"Hey, I'm back!" I swung open the door to my apartment and found Dolly, Bridget and Kel on the couch watching the Loony Tunes show. "Hey!" They said, eyes still glued to the TV.

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!" I screamed and dropped my bags. "Oh! No!" We need to take you to the hospital, NOW!" Kel jumped up and led me out the door.

------AT HOSPITAL------


"Now, darling, you need to push, push, push, PUSH!" A woman held my hand as I lay on the bed while trying to push, and Kel at the other end.

"Oh, I see a head!" A nurse at my legs said, I smiled, still pushing like mad.

"Oh, there's one arm, oh, now two, oh now there's it's beautiful body, aw it's little legs, aw, it's OUT!" Kel cried. I smiled as the nurses wiped all the blood and gel it had on its body.

"Would you like to know if it's a girl or boy?" A nurse said to me.

"Yes, please!" I asked,

"It's a beautiful baby girl." The nurse answered.

"Do you know a name?" Another nurse asked.

"No, not yet, sorry." I replied, a nurse passed me a list of names for your baby.

"I just want to rest now!" I said.

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