I wasn't expecting to see her in Los Angeles. It was pure coincidence. We were there for recording and I wanted to go to the beach. But seeing Caia was unexpected.

Then again, Caia was always unexpected.


1. Her

author's note - well. hi beautiful human beings. i did promise a harry fan fic on my other movella The Girl that Wasn't, which i would loveeeeeee for you to read if you like. i normally would do a two-three chapter introduction but i'm going to cut to the chase so that you can enjoy and read. 

Indiana Evans as Caia Sophia Andersen (: 


so when people call CAIA 'CY', it's PRONOUNCE KY

i did all caps for the people that don't read author notes eheheh.

i'll post a picture of her later (: unless you google her then we're good i guess 

i'll give out more looks/names as i go along. i haven't exactly developed a plot lol, i just have snippets of conversations and thought bubbles and backstories but i hope it works



I squinted up at the sky, even though I was wearing my RayBans. It was a bright day. Perfect for a beach moment in Malibu, California. I had chosen this beach because only surfers and celebrities came here, it was always quiet and undisturbed by paparazzi. I titled my head down to push my wet brown hair back with my hand, looking up as my hand went farther. That was my trademark, I guess you could say. The water in California wasn't very nice, but the sun was hot and I did love relaxing in the heat surrounded by hot surfer girls and occasionally the Kardashians. 

"HARRY!!!" the familiar voice of my bandmate and bestfriend rang in my ears as I sat up on my hot beach towel. 

"What, Louis?" I said sharply. He knows that I like my quiet time. 

"Come in the water! Pleasssssssse?" Louis begged, dragging out the s sound. 

I sighed, "But it's so cold!" Louis gasped, "Harry Styles, don't be such a princess, man up, and get in the water or I'll drag you in!" he sassed. 

I took my RayBans off, hiding them in my beach bag, and stood immediately. I put my hands up as if to say 'fine, fine' and let Louis lead the way to the clear blue-green water that was the Pacific Ocean. 

"I'm SO EXCITED, Harold!" Louis gushed. I blinked at him a bit, "Louis this isn't your first time here. We come to Los Angeles often now, what is there to be excited about?" I questioned confusedly. 

He smiled,"That's because you're single and not excited that your amazing girlfriend is coming to visit in two days and also you're a bumhole so," I rolled my eyes, "Whenever I date someone the," I made airquotes," date-ee's life gets ruined and I get called insults and the paparazzi surrounds me so I'd rather watch from a distance. And I am not a bumhole!" I argued. 

He tut-tutted,"BUT WE'RE RECORDING NEW MUSIC HOW COULD YOU NOT BE EXCITED?!" he screeched at me.

By now we were both about waist-deep into the ocean so I took the initiative and splashed him in the face, "Louis William Tomlinson you better hope no one heard that it's a secret! We're not supposed to tell anyone that!" I said teasingly. 

Louis pouted and rubbed his eyes, getting the salt water out of them, "Jesus, you need a girlfriend to loosen you up because you are uptight," he says sassily, like that GloZell Green girl on YouTube. 

I sigh,"Can we not talk about girls, Tomlinson?" He purses his lips,"But there's such a pretty one over there. With a surfboard. She must be athletic," he winks at me jokingly and I splash him again, not looking at her. 

He wipes his eyes again and responds,"The only reason I'm not engaging in full-on water war is because you'll need your eyesight to look at her," he says simply. 

I roll my eyes. To this he says,"No, to your left, stupid," and I bite back a laugh. 

Then my eyes trail to her. 

Miss 'Athletic'.

She has the perfect body, tanned and toned. She has curves but is skinny. Her assets are also averagely sized, but I like my assets real and not silicon. She has wavy, sun kissed blonde hair and I can't see her face clearly just yet.

I look back at Louis then, who raises his eyebrows,"Well?" 

I raise mine now,"Look, she has an attractive figure. Can't see her face just yet. But I don't even know her therefore I can't" I make airquotes again,"set my sights on this girl."

He laughs,"God, you're slow! I mean, go socialize with her already or I'll start believing the gay rumors that go on about you," he jokes and I flip him off. As I start to walk towards shore I turn,"And you know damn well that they aren't just about me," I laugh when he does exactly what I did and lifts a finger. 

I walk out of the water backwards, calling back at Louis insults and flipping fingers until I bump into something. Or someone. Louis smirks. I turn around and see the girl I was checking out before rubbing her forehead. 

"Note to self, when shielding your eyes don't shield them so that you run into people," I hear her mutter sarcastically under her breath.

She looks up at me,"Sorry, I'm being rude, I'm-" she stops and looks at me. I think she's going to have a heart attack or something because I'm 'Harry Styles' but she does something even more interesting.

She cocks her head to the side and says,"Do I know you?" I'm taken aback by her boldness.

"No, I don't think we've met, but I'm Harry," I say.

She frowns and pauses,"Styles?"

I nod.

She sighs and shakes her head and I can't tell if she's being serious or sarcastic when she says, "We do know each other. Maybe your fame has gotten to your head, Monkey,"  


Now I know.

I smirk, "Well, if you haven't seen someone for three years who at fifteen still looked twelve and lived in England so she was pale like a vampire and had darker hair since the sun hadn't lightened the shade of it, I think you have an excuse, Cy," I fire back.

"Just shut up and hug me, gay boy," she huffs. I blush. So even Caia has heard them. I hold my arms out and she hugs me, rubbing my back,"It's good to see you, Baby X Factor," she teases.

If it's one thing Caia has always been good at, it's nicknames.

And basically everything else.

No matter what Caia Sophia Andersen did she did it well. Whether it was relationships or schoolwork or sports or art. 

She was always popular and she never made a mistake and if she did (rarely) it was minor, like oversleeping or forgetting an assignment. Boys were always on her back but she never hung out with any of them except me. 

"You know, if we check my birth certificate it says Harry Edward Styles, not gay boy or Baby X Factor or monkey," I blurt. She laughs, vibrating against me. She had that kind of laugh that really showed her happiness and rocketed throughout her entire being. She looked up at me, grinning,"You know, if I made a copy of that certificate I could make thousands," she teases again.

I ruffle her hair and she pulls back suddenly, slapping my arm jokingly with a fake outraged expression,"You did not just ruffle the hair. That is. THE hair," she sticks her tongue out at me and I laugh. 

"Don't be such a piddle," I stick my tongue out as well and from an angle it probably looks like we're licking each other. 

"O HARRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" the annoying voice that is Louis Tomlinson screeches for the second time in the span of half an hour. I sigh and wave at him. Cy steps up next to me, board under her arm. She waves. 

"HI!!" she screeches back. Louis makes our hand signal that means 'crazy fan' and I shake my head. I see him make another symbol that means 'slut' and I shake my head again. Then he makes 'dumb' and I laugh and shake my head. He tilts his head to the side. I turn to Caia and point at Louis.

"That's-" she waves me off,"Louis Tomlinson, I know. I kept up with your X Factor shows," she says incredulously like she can't believe that she wouldn't know about him. Well, that was true. 

Louis runs out of the water to us and bows to Caia, opening his mouth to introduce himself. Caia lets him. "Louis William Tomlinson, one fifth of One Direction and that sexy piece of man's best friend," he gestures to me. 

Caia blinks and then collapses in fits of laughter. I slap him in the shoulder. Louis looks confused. Caia catches her breath and looks up to Louis, biting back sarcastic responses. Instead she smiles,"Oh, I know. He's been a stunner since his first streaking at eight," and then Louis and Caia are both laughing. I punch both of them in the shoulder playfully. 

Louis points a finger at me but still looks at Caia, "You know this loser?" she nods. Louis looks curiously at her, "Who are you?" he asks. Caia turns to me and slaps me, hard on the shoulder and gasps. "How could you not have told your friends about me?" she says outraged, but it's so outraged that I can tell it's fake.

She looks at Louis, "The gay was my neighbor and best friend until he became famous. I'm Caia." she outstretches her hand and Louis shakes it roughly. Instead of wincing Caia smiles, "Glad to hear you've been keeping my son in line," she says seriously. I grin and bite the insides of my cheeks not to laugh. 

"I forced him to play house with me once, he ended up being my son because he was unfit for anything else," she barely explains. I regain my composure,"Excuse me, unfit? I believe the words were too ugly," I retort and Caia waves me off, blushing, "Well I didn't want to have your genes and I had already planned for my husband to be Leonardo DiCaprio so we adopted an unfortunate ugly son!" she defends.

Louis and I look at her. She realizes what she's just said and then we're all laughing like mad. 

We talk for a bit until Caia grimaces,"Erm, does anyone have the time?" she asks. I nod and look at my watch,"It's three," I tell her and she curses under her breath. "I have to go, I have dance class," she says apologetically. Louis and I both sigh. Louis and her have decided to adopt me so being away from his 'adopted son's mother' is a 'tragedy'. 

She turns to walk away but I put a hand on her shoulder. She spins, "I really have to go," she complains to me sadly. I nod, "Yeah, but let's keep in touch. Are you still good at memorizing things?" I ask her. 

She waves that away with her hand, "Just follow me on twitter, okay? My username is at Caia Sophia." she says, turns around, and walks off.

I watch her walk away. Louis pokes me in the shoulder, "I like her mate, she'd be good for you," he states.

I blanch, "Louis, it's not like that," 

Lou smirks, "Oh, but it is,"


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