When Night Comes- Josie's Journals

These journal entries take us through the struggles of Josie's life as she fights through depression.


1. Authors notes




Authors Notes:

Hey guys!

I don't know how this idea pooped into my head, but today  it just came to me, and I said, "Hey, I can do this!" so I started writing this.

For all you people wondering, no, I do not have depression. This story isn't about me. I don't cut ECT. This story is just all made up. I wanted people to have a slight feeling how people with depression live. Kind of.... Because I don't live with depression, I will make mistakes, and I do apologize now. But if you have any ways to improve this story, please just comment, or you can contact me on;

KIK: @Leashy101

Instagram: Lous_iresistable_eyes

Email: Leashy101@msn.com

I hope you enjoy it, even though it isn't the happy sort of things you are probably all used to.



Please do not read if you are 13 years or younger.

If so, please read with parents consent.

The following story includes self harm, depression and violence.

Do not continue if you are not comfortable with the above.

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