The morning after Anikas birthday everything is just a blur
but to harry she left an imprint in his mind.


1. meet

'Happy Birthday Anika' the air hollowed, as a young girl just entered the gates of adult hood. 'I can't believe I'm 18, time goes so fast' Anika Mati breathed. Anika Mati was a girl know for her beauty. She was simple but elegant she had, chocolate brown hair that brushes across her tail bone, large eyes that glow between green and brown and a golden tan that screams her european culture. Tonight her beauty melted everyone who came in contact with her, she wore her hair tied back tightly, so tight not one strand of hair could spring free. The hair tied back showed of the natural beauties of her face, her sharp nose, matched with her high check bones and her eyes glowing greener than ever, were outlined with black and silver, matching the pureness of her stunning silk/feathered white dress. Her slim long tanned legs complimented by a pair of silk silver heals. 'Happy Birthday day girl' emmanuel announced, gripping anika in a rather tight grip, emmanuel is a girl of colour, with african american heritage fuse with Australian soul. 'Let the drinking begin' emmanuel shouted, everyone within the room picked up their alcoholic beverages and the sound from bottles to glasses taping together conquer the silent space. 


Anika's eyes flung open, everything was a slight blur, she grasped her fisting against her eyes giving a slight rub, to regain clear vision. Taken by surprise she was laying in bed in an unfamiliar place, sitting up rapidly from shock, a thundering beat was dancing in Anikas brain, a burning sensation was climbing up her throat and as hard as she thought, she could not reminisce last night. Anika had never been drunk before, all these symptoms of a hangover was unfamiliar to her and she didn't admire them. Picking herself off the bed she tiptoed through the house and out the front door. Soon as she reached her house she called emmanuel and asked what happened last night emmanuel responded with 'you seriously don't know? I'm coming over right away theres so much to tell you' the call ended with a series of beeps indicating the call was ended from the other line. Anika decided to have a shower before emmanuel arrived. In a mind of her own after finishing of the shower she put her dressing gown on and her hair up wrapped in a towel, and stamped back to her bedroom.
'WHAT THE!' 'How the hell did you get in here'
taking by surprise emmanuel was already in her house laying on her bed, 'door was open'. Anika perched herself next to her and took a deep breath 'Tell me everything i don't remember a thing', before she began, she took a sip from Anika's ice cold glass of water which laid on her bedside table placed there before she took a shower.
"Okay were to begin"

Emmanuel explained everything that happened throughout the night than something in particular griped onto Anika's attention tightly
"Your party got shut down at 11, and you were so enthusiastic to do something so i suggest we go to a club"
'What club?' Anika asked curiously 


'DEPTH!' Anika was in shock, depth was the most exclusive club there was, you had to be a somebody to get in there
'Yeah! We were gonna go to Vues but during our walk there some attractive spunk was trying to chat you up'

'Who was he?'

'I dont know, I never caught his name'

'What did he look like' Anika was curious about this "spunk" she wanted to know everything she could about him, maybe this will add up to the mystery of where she woke up this s'morning.

'He was tall, dark brown hair, defiantly british, HOT and he was very much infatuated with you"

Anika eyes were flooded brown, she really tried with all her power to try to remember who this mystery boy was, even to remember a glimpse of what he looked like, but she got nothing. 

'what else?' Anika questioned wanting to know more but disappointed when Emmanuel stopped at that.

'Sorry we split up soon as we entered the club'.

Emmanuel soon left and Anika was feeling slight drowsy and a flow of sickness, attempting to go to sleep she was restless her mind very much not as ease and full of curiosity. An hour pass and eventually she drifted into a sleep.


Harry woke up from a deep sleep with a smile that danced and twisted across his lips. His mind occupied by the thoughts of a beautiful girl. Getting out of bed on a morning like this was no problem, its a way he wished he could uprise every morning. Walking into the kitchen with nothing but a pair of black trousers on, the kitchen steadied into an usual silence with everyone eyes focused on him as he entered, he tried controlling his unsteady smile but nothing could wipe it. 

'Morning Harry' Niall yawned walking past him giving him a pat on the back and settling into a stool by the kitchen bench, and began to pour himself a large bowl of cereal. 

'Why you so happy?' Louis smirked 

'Nothing' Harry giggled under his breath

'Is this about that girl you met last night?' Liam guessed so accurately 

Harry gave off an even bigger smile and sat down next to Niall and poured himself a bowl of cereal only not as much as Niall. 

'Dont get to attached' Zayn warned 

'Were not in America for much longer you know'

'Dating a normal ordinary girl can go so wrong and you know that'

'Yeah yeah' Harry mumbled not taking any note of what they're saying, and thinking about wanting to see this girl again. 

His smile slowly disappeared when he realised he never got her number, forgot her name and all he has is the image inside his head of what he remembers of her appearance and most importantly the way she made him feel.


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