When the 5 new boys come to school all the girls fall in love, but theres just one boy that i fell in love with (zayn), he wouldnt ike a girl like me i am a geek.


2. The Bad Boy Type

Miki's POV

we only just got to school on time before the form bell rang. Like a fire truck! Yeah. I am the wired one. Thanks for noticing. The thing about us needs, Jazzy, Becky and I, we totally didn't care that we where nerds. We walked down the hall like any other morning and got the same gross glances reading 'wtf are you doing here.' And 'really? You call that style?' It didn't bother us anymore. We started jogging to class because we didn't want to be late and when we walked in, we where all in shock. There where news guys. I repeat. New. Guys. What? Everyone could tell straight away what there status was. Bad boys. They where all sitting on the desks and texting. That's right! Texting! We aren't supposed to have our phones out!!! They're dead! That's when the form teacher walked in. 'Good morning. Bla bla bla hurry and finish your personal conversations!' She screamed. Not a happy chappy. Jazzy Becky and I all sat in our seats in the front row in the middle. 'Boys! Give me those phones now!' Mrs Feevet screamed. 'Why?' The one with the shaved head asked. 'Because we are here to learn! Not to learn how to spell LOL or BRB!!!' She screamed. I got goose bumps. Then the cute blonde one added 'miss, no offense, but I'm pretty sure it's obvious we don't care.' Attitude. 'Gentlemen, I suggest you give me your phones, stop texting and take a seat IN A CHAIR LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!' They all just looked at each other. 'Miss, shouldn't you be marking the roll now? Your not very good at your job.' The one with a blonde quiff added. He was more tan. Looked Muslim maybe? 'You boys will see me after class.' She added. Straight after that the bell rang and all of the boys walked out without seeing her and she didn't get to mark the roll. I don't like these boys. They seem like bad news. In physics, we where all sitting at the back because we had to sit in alphabetical order. There was knowone sitting beside me though. I felt lonley. Until the blonde bad boy and his little gang of misfits decided to walk in and coincidentally, the arrogant blonde one had to sit next to me. He kept whispering things that made me uncomfortable such as 'hey, do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.' All the way up to 'I like your shoes. Lets have sex' and 'I wish you where a screen door so I could slam into you all day.' And worst of all, because our desks where joined together, he managed to put his hand on my knee and I took it off. Of course, he put it back on there. He slid it higher and I slapped his hand. He whispered in my ear 'behave'. I was petrified after that. I looked up at him for the first time. His perfect and flawless features. 'Whats your name?' He asked me. 'Miki' I answered. 'And yours?' I asked. He answered the most angelic name ever. 'Niall.' He told me. He kept putting his hand higher and it eventually rested on my vagina. I was extremely uncomfortable and being the pussy I am, gave into a single silent tear. 'Whats wrong love?' He asked. 'Just please move your hand.' I whispered. He did as I asked and wrapped me up from his side, puting his arm around me and squeezing me close to him. Fucking bad boys. See what they do?

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