When the 5 new boys come to school all the girls fall in love, but theres just one boy that i fell in love with (zayn), he wouldnt ike a girl like me i am a geek.


1. All About Me


Hi im becky, i live with my two best friends; Jazzy and miki. they have been my best friends since grade 2, their like my sisters to me. i like to think of myself as a nerd i mean my hair is so natrauly frizzy that birds would mistake it as a nest, my eyes are so just wrong in colour and every thing, my fashion is (to other girls at school) out dated, washed out, boring, and all out gay and retarted. my nick name at school, well my nick names at school are hings like slut, bitch, nerd queen, hobo from a  ditch an so on. my two best buddies jazzy and miki always stand up for me but it doent help what ever they say it always gets to me and i start to belive it




i was laying in my bed thinking that today is the first day of year 12 and i get my p plats tomoz, Becky and miki already have theres its only cause i faled the first test but any, at school today i hope that the girls that are always mean to Becky are away or wag all the classes. as i got out of bed i saw my hair in the mirro and screamed Becky and Miki came running in "what is it Jazzy are you hurt, did you fall out of bed agian or hit ur toe on the bed leg agian". "i am not that clumsy okay and i dont do it that offten, and its my hair look at it, its,its so messy and arhhhhhhh"

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