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2. Truth or tale?








Thursday August the 31st 1939


Dear: Diary,


The war is on. I have no proof – yet, but I am pretty sure. Lucy denies the fact that her point of view is wrong and the war will start but all she can say is ‘don’t expect me to forget this, if you are going to be wrong, then this will be reiterated more times than I will ever speak’. I know that it’s impossible to speak more times than you will ever speak but that’s what she said, I hope I’m the one that’s right.


Sunday September the 3rd


Dear: Diary,


This morning as I was walking up to school with Emily Joan Anderson from next door for the first official school day after the summer holidays, Ricko (Richard Parker) from my class came running up to us, panting.

“’eard the news?” he panted.

“What news?” I squeaked dreading the worst.

“‘Itler” he started.

“An’ Cham’erl’in”he breathed.

“War”Ricko gasped.

I stared at him and he frowned back sticking out his tongue (he was just being rude – again)!

“I knew it” Emily said as if it was as normal as anything, she picked Ricko up and carried him to school, generous, but that’s what thirteen year olds are supposed to do.

           Lucy was stunned too (even though she didn’t admit it) and she is the bravest girl in year 6 (I’m second), we all expected bombing planes hitting London at any minute. Milly-Rose, my friend Sarah’s sister cried for ages because she thought the Nazis (pronounced Natsies, it’s the nickname for Germans) were going to take her, and was sent home. Lucy tried to cry and fool Mrs Bridget but Lucy got extra maths homework instead, Daniel the smartest kid in class swapped Lucy a lollipop for it.

     I do think the war is silly! Haven’t they learnt there lessons from the last one  (that’s what I’m always told to do)  .Too many lives will be lost and ruined .Uncle Jack is disabled because of that war and no one will employ him even though he had served his country risking his own life. Aunt Mary has to work non –stop to earn money for my cousins, Tom, Pollyanna and Katy, 10, 9, and 7.

      I am so depressed and quick tempered now, but Lucy and her mum are showing mum the newspaper and that it’s only going to stay a month. I can hear her arguing her way through mum but tough chance she’ll beat her…

“Vicky, I’ve got proof right here, what are you jabbering on about! We could all take a quick holiday and when we come back it will be as right as rain!” Mrs Smith cried, annoyed at mums tone.

“Jenny, how do you believe that rubbish? Only two weeks ago that paper told us the war was just a rumour!” Mum exclaimed.

“Two weeks is a long time, two weeks, two weeks Claire, two weeks…”with that Mrs Smith left. Lucy though on the other hand is staying for the night so I better think of something other than the war to talk about!




Monday the 4th of September 1939



Dear: Diary,


It’s the second day of war and it’s terrible! In the afternoon, we dug an ‘Andersons’ shelter in the back garden. I asked Joe why it was called an Andersons shelter and he vaguely said “Some crummy Anderson probably invented it” which was really rude as Emily is Emily Joan Anderson and her sister Harry Anderson (Harriet) was digging a shelter next door and probably heard that. Joe is in for it as even though Harry is a girl and two years younger than him she is mighty strong (strongest girl in Oak farm High).



Dear: Diary,


The wireless is so annoying! First it spills the beans about the war and now hes going on about teenagers over 15 are to attend the army! I hope the war ends soon … Joe’s 16th birthday is in one week! I’ve bought him a chocolate box full of dairy milk chocs, I’m dying to be offered one but I just hope Joe will be here to open them …

P.S: I am NOT sad or scared or anything! I’m just noting down how someone like Milly – Rose would feel…

I’m pathetic, even a book knows the truth … (no offence?)



Tuesday the 5th of September 1939


Dear:  Diary,


I got a gas mask and a box for it today. Joe’s trying to act all great but he looks too fake, I wish I really felt like that. The gas mask smells awful and you can hardly breathe inside it, I’ll die of suffocating inside it rather than being suffocated from acid attacks! 



Tuesday 12th September 1939


Dear: Diary,


I wasn’t bothered to write. I’ve got better things to do. Actually, I don’t think I have. Number 15 the house opposite us got hit by a bomb, nobody made it out except Wesley Brown, hes going to his aunts home tomorrow because hes an orphan now.     

       Tomorrow everybody in Oak farm primary (and year 7 and 8 from Oak farm high) will be evacuated. That means that Lucy and I are leaving here to go to the countryside. It gets worse. Joe is going to have to join the army. He’d be one of the youngest but he is 16 now, his birthday was day before yesterday, he gave all the truffles to me but now I feel too sick to eat them .At least Lucy and I will be together, Lucy won’t be able to play much as her sister (Liza- short- for- Elizabeth, but no one ever calls her Elizabeth, its just Liza or Liz or Lizzy) needs looking after and me and Sarah are helping while Milly – Rose will thwart us. I need to make a promise to you Diary;

I promise to write to you every day while I am at the countryside.












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