My story



4. Blueberry Cottage

Dear: Diary,


Only a day has passed since yesterday but it feels like years! I woke up very late this morning as for the late night yesterday. Instead of the normal cockerel noise in the morning, and another girl about six came skipping into our rooms, they never left, despite Lucy’s shouting for quiet ( I need to tell you a secret about her)!At last we all got dressed and washed.

   “Don’t the sea look great? Let’s go for a ride in Merry Molly!” the little girl gasped, looking out of the window.

“We’ve got to introduce the new ‘uns to the animals!” Junney laughed, sophisticatedly.

“What does intro-what’s it mean? Anyway, how about showing them Misty, Diamond, Chesnutt and that foal, ermmmm.Oh yes! Snow white!








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