My story


1. Dear Diary...

Tuesday August the 1st 1939


Dear: Diary,

Today was my eleventh birthday! Nothing too special, but Lucy – my best friend, gave me this Diary, it’s going to be entirely secret (even though Lucy knows about it).Despite the fact that Lucy will wreck my life if I tell her, I think you’ll be a brilliant friend. Nevertheless, don’t keep your hopes up for an engrossing tale of the rest of my life as my life is very monotonous and likes repeating events…


Tuesday August the 29th 1939


Dear: Diary,

It’s so aggravating having to go to school in August as only me and Lucy have to go (we had the measles since April!)It was especially bothersome during maths as it was near noon and the sun was right by our window; the school curtains were too ripped to do a good job. Lucy started lamenting but Mrs Farrows just bellowed,

“Well, how can I shut the sun down Smith? Stop whining, look at Charlotte shes behaving!”

Lucy scowled at me and muttered

“I’m not Smiths, I’m Lucy!”, only to get sighed at by Mrs Farrows,

“Yes, you are Lucy, but you are Lucy Smith too!”

Lucy glowered at me again, she detests being erroneous.

      A few weeks ago, Hannah I mean Miss Harwoods (my cousin!) started teaching at Rosemary Park Primary- my school! Even though she was going teach maths, I was still excited, but her maths lesson was really boring, so I started writing in here, she caught me and well she was miserable as it was me and not someone else, she took the diary of me but mum gave you to me this morning saying it was from Hannah. She gave me a little note.


Dear: Charlie,

You’re an amazing writer but please try to do more maths as it is your downfall


Wednesday August the 30th 1939


Dear:  Diary,

Jenny (Jennifer) - Lucy’s mum is downstairs, talking to mum about what time shes going to pick Lucy up and about the war. I forgot to tell you, apparently, Neville Chamberlain, the prime minister is going to declare war. Doesn’t matter if it happens, we’ll be better than the last one and anyway it’s just Germans. If the wireless is correct, it will be the Germans against about 8 nations (not including ours), so there’s no big deal.



































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