Time Bomb


1. I'm Alexis Constanisto and i have no life

There’s a man behind the wall, waiting, with a gun… Run. Sidestep, dodge the bullet that goes flying over your left shoulder, blast the man into smithereens and wait for the signal to come.

Level 5. It’s the last level, easy if you know how. Jump over the ankle-high brick wall because it’s got a time bomb set in side that goes off 10 seconds after you press start, run to the large building in the corner of the screen, when you get about a meter away from the brick wall, two soldiers in army uniform will try to help you- don’t trust them- shoot them before they intervene. Two sound activated bombs go off 3 seconds after you kill the soldiers, make sure your past the two little shops the soldiers came out of, they contain more bombs, and soldiers. As soon as you pass the shops a siren will go off, ignore it, head straight for the largest building and don’t look back, because there is an army of approximately 100 soldiers waiting to shoot if you do. If you get there under 10 seconds then you’ll get killed because there is a time bomb in the building opposite your goal, wait for 5 seconds in a pathway with wrecked trees, then leg-it to the largest building, when you get closer you see the sign: Medallion. That doesn’t matter but the game decides to focus the screen on the sign for 2 seconds. Finally, the screen turns black and in red letters it says: GAME COMPLTED.

I sigh, I should be glad, I’d just completed my personal best of 19023 points and I did the whole game in less than 5 minutes.  “You have no life.” Sandra mutters as she walks into my room. “All day, every day it’s a console, why can’t you do something fun like studying!” Yeah, she did just say that, I should say, that if you didn’t just notice, Sandie is crazy, and she gets crazier when I call her Sandie.  “Honestly, you kids these days” she says as she stalks out of my room. She forgets that I’m 14, and that shes only 4 years older than me.

Sandie is my sister, she has sandy blonde hair which is permanently in a bun or a pony tail, she is a total neat-freak and she has been promoted up two years and she didn’t need to go to college so shes in University now. Cambridge University. She set the standards pretty high for the rest of us. Then comes my brother, who calls everybody by their full names which Sandie loves, Sandie’s name is Alexsandra Bethany Constanisto, which is in fact in alphabetical order, ABC. My brother is Leo, Leonard Jason Constanisto, which sounds like a footballers name in his opinion but I don’t think Constanisto fits on the back of a Man.U t-shirt. Leo has brown hair and green eyes unlike Sandie whose eyes are grey (like her), Leo says his eyes will go with the red Man.U t-shirt he’ll get when he’s a footballer, but as I said Constanisto will probably ruin the whole effect of footballer stardom. Then there’s me, I’m Alex, or Alexis if I’m in trouble, so it’s usually Alexis. But if its major trouble its Alexis Elisia (pronounced Eli-see-ya) Constanisto. I’ve only been called that 12 times and that was nearly all Leo, the others, I’ll tell you about later… I look like Leo and Sandie in one, I don’t have blonde hair or dark brown, it’s a sort of nutty brown and I have green/grey eyes the way the sea looks when it’s a boring day. We are from Greece and Spain but that Greece side slowly died away after dad died, I was only two so I can’t remember but Sandie can and Leo can a bit, sometimes mum says shes ashamed of me for not remembering, so then I go to sulk in my room.

My room is the most awesome place, ever. I have 2 PSP’s, an X-box, PS1, 2, 3 and 4 and 5 (exclusively out to all fans) my Nintendo’s are all stashed under my bed with my MP3 players, I Phone, Blackberry and comics. I have 197 Play station games, 52 PSP games, 27 X-Box games and probably like another two hundred Nintendo games in my junk drawer. You’re probably thinking how spoilt I am and blah blah blah, but my mum doesn’t buy them for me, my best friend does, but he doesn’t technically buy those most of the time. You see Peri has this habit, just like mine is playing video games hers is stealing video games, which I know is wrong and all but it’s pretty cool walking into a shop with Peri and watching how easily she can slip it under her hoodie. She’s never been caught but shes been chased tons of times, I was with her once and we ran right out of HMV, lightning speed, away from the whole shopping mall, a bus nearly ran over the security guard behind us and she screamed. It felt just like a video game but there was no second life. It was so ‘thrilling’ as Sandie would put it.

So, yeah when my rooms a mess it looks like there’s been an explosion in Game. It’s not just consoles Peri steals, she steals loads of big things too, like T.V’s, expensive cameras, hairdryers- everything electric. It’s hard to make reasons up for all the items, but mum long since stopped asking, she probably thinks it’s me with the stealing problem, and if the police comes knocking on the door someday, she’d probably tell the police to take me away. Anyway, I haven’t given up my time to write some soppy story about my dull, wannabie amazing  life, I’ve come to tell you what happened last Saturday night, but it wouldn’t make any sense if I just told you what happened, it would get neither you or me closer to figuring it out… So, I’ll start it from the very beginning, no not the day I was born because then this would be a really boring auto biography, but last month, the month I was shook back into reality, the first day I actually lived. Tuesday 12th of September.

I remember waking up, exhausted, sharp white rays glared at me through the curtains. Cursing under my breath I got up and went to the bathroom. The next thing I remember was walking through a pitch black tunnel. Gary, Bill, Rhys, Carter, Jacob and Storm (the gang that probably don’t have homes since there too busy getting caught by the police) had forced me down the tunnel, I didn’t have to go, I could’ve legged it, there all too bulky and podgy to follow me. But I felt like going down the tunnel, I’d never been there before, Gary’s bristled haircut, pimples and scar reminded me of a thug, the type that always gets caught at the end of a cartoon, his scar stretched painfully across his face as he grinned haughtily at me, “Find any ‘fink’” he asked.



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