Bieber's Dancer

Sabrina is best friends with one of Justin Bieber's backup dancers. She isn't a fan of Bieber however she's stuck with him for the next two months until her friend recovers from a severe injury. Will she end up liking Bieber after all or will she always have hatred towards him?


3. Leaving

I was getting ready to leave on tour then I remembered that I had recieved a text last night. I checked my phone and saw Jason had texted me.

From: Jason

Hey kiddo I'm at a friend's house and I won't be there in the morning. Sorry I won't be able there to say bye to you but you take care alright? Kill it on stage! Love you!

I smiled at his text then started to cry because my mom wasn't home either to say good bye to. I brought all my bags downstairs and placed them by the front door. I went inside the kitchen to eat an apple when I felt my phone vibrate in my shorts. I pulled it out and Scooter was calling me.

"Hello?" I answered the call.

"Sabrina we're almost to your house but we're a little lost." I heard Justin let out a chuckle.

"Where are you guys?" I asked.

"La Fuente neighborhood?" He questioned.

"Well you're close, uhm.. Keep going straight until you see a neighborhood called Parkway Drive and turn left. It's the third house to the right." I said.

"Alright thanks and Scooter said to be ready cause we're taking you to the hospital to see Ely then we leave." I heard laughing in the background.

"Okay." I hung up and finished my apple. Moments later they had arrived. I heard the doorbell and my dog started barking.

"It's okay girl, they're just some friends." She was a golden retriever about a year old or in dog years, seven years.

I opened the door and Scooter, Justin, Kenny and Fredo were standing in the doorway.

"Come in." I motioned my hand inside. They stepped in.

"Are these your bags?" Kenny asked pointing to my suit cases that were sitting on the floor next to the door.

"Yeah." He nodded and took them out to the bus.

"Well I'll see you in the car." Scooter said then left. Justin and Fredo were in the kitchen eating chips. I walked in and they threw the chips, acting like they weren't eating some, which made all the chips fall out.

"Seriously?" They started laughing and I rolled my eyes. Justin got on the floor and started picking them up then Fredo came close to me.

"You live alone?" He asked.

"No, my mom is at work and my brother is at a friend's house. He couldn't come cause he was drunk and he doesn't like to drink and drive." I mentioned.

"And your dad?" asked Justin. I started tearing up and Fredo pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry." He said into my hair. Justin got up and looked over to us. He nodded and put the chips away.

"Well we better get going, I'll be out in a bit let me just say good bye to this place." I said looking around. They both nodded and exited the house.

"Come here Bella." I called out to my dog. She ran out to me and into my arms. "You be good to mom and Jason, alright? Behave and don't give them a hard time, understood?" She started crying making me cry as well. She came up to me and started to lick my tears off my cheek making me laugh.

"Bella stop." I started laughing again. She was licking me more and I felt her tail wagging against my arm. "I'll miss you baby." I pulled her into a hug and set her down. I got my purse and she followed me.

"Stay." She looked at me and cocked her head. I blew her a kiss and right when I closed the door, I heard her cry. I hate it when dogs cry, they make me cry as well. Justin and Fredo were waiting for me outside and they escorted me to the bus. When I entered the bus my eyes popped in awe. It was so nice. Fredo got my purse and put it on the table.

"Sit down." I heard Scooter tell me. I went over to the leather couches they had and sat down. I started shivering since it was cold and I was in shorts making my legs touch the coldness of the couch. Justin sat next to me. A few minutes later we arrived at the hospital.

"You go ahead we'll wait here, we already visited her early in the morning." I got my purse and go off. I walked in and went to the elevators and a man stopped me.

"Room?" He asked staring at the clip board that was in front of him.

"202." I said.

"Sorry miss but there's already three people visiting you can't go in." He warned.

"I won't take long, I'm leaving right now and I'm only saying good bye." I begged. He gave in and let me through. I went up and went inside.

"Brina!" I heard Ely yell. I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug making both of us cry.

"I'll miss you so much! You kill it on stage and be good to Justin, I know you don't like the guy but he's very sweet once you get to know him." 'Yeah right.' I said in my head.

"I'm gonna miss you so much as well!" We both started crying, then laughing because we were crying, then cried again. Yes, girls can be so emotional/bipolar. I said my last good bye to her and went down.

"Thank you." I told the man and he smiled at me. I went back out to the bus.

"You're back already?" asked Justin.

"It's only for two months and then I'll see her again." I said. Two months pass by very fast... Hopefully.

"So where we headed?" I asked Scooter.

"San Diego." He smiled at me. I got out my iPad and plugged my earphones in. This should be an exhausting trip.


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