Bieber's Dancer

Sabrina is best friends with one of Justin Bieber's backup dancers. She isn't a fan of Bieber however she's stuck with him for the next two months until her friend recovers from a severe injury. Will she end up liking Bieber after all or will she always have hatred towards him?


4. First Concert

Sabrina's POV 

"Wake up." I felt something hit my face. I saw Justin holding a pillow in his hand. 

"Was that necessary?" I scoffed getting up and getting my things. 

"Well you wouldn't wake up, so yes." He smirked. I got off the couch and got out the plane where everyone were waiting for us. Kenny had put my luggage in the truck already. We got in and I was sitting in between Fredo and Justin. I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and saw it was Fredo. I rest my head on shoulder and I thought I saw Justin roll his eyes. I'm probably just seeing things. I closed my eyes and sleep took over. 


I woke up and heard Fredo and Justin arguing but I kept my eyes shut so they'll think I was still asleep. 

"I'll take her." I heard Justin say. He picked me up bridal style. 

"She fell asleep?" Kenny asked. 

"Yeah." I felt Justin open the door with his foot and laid me down on a bed. I fluttered my eyes open and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me. 

"Hey sleeping beauty." He chuckled. 

"Hi." I got up and went to the restroom. When I got out, Justin had left the room. I sat on the bed and look around the room. It had white walls with a queen sized bed and doors that led out to a balcony. I went over and opened them and saw a glimpse of a pool in the backyard. I gasped at the sight. It was HUGE. I heard a knock on the door and saw Justin leaning against it. 

"I left your bags on the bed." He scratched the back of his neck. 

"Thanks." He nodded and was about to leave the room when I called him. 

"When's the concert?" I asked curiously. 

"Tonight silly, so get ready before we leave to the arena and rehearse before the show." I nodded and put on a pair of booty shorts and a tank top an pulled my hair in a messy bun. I went down to where everyone was waiting for me. 

"Damn." I heard Jon say. I laughed and smacked his arm playfully. I turned to Justin who rolled his eyes. Is it me or is he jealous? I'm pretty sure he did the same thing when I rested my head in Fredo's shoulder in the car. 

"Alright guys, lets go." Scooter ordered and we got out and got in the bus. It took us twenty minutes to arrive and people were already lined up and girls started screaming when they saw the tour bus. We went through the back and some girls were trying to get Justin's attention. He smiled at them and walked over. I was walking in the building when I heard someone say: 

"Who's that? She's really pretty." I smiled at their compliment and went in. We were stretching on stage when Justin came back. 

"Alright guys lets rehearse." We all got up and got in our positions. "Brina do you know the moves?" Justin asked me. 

"Only a few songs." He nodded and left. He came back with Nick short after. 

"Can you teach her the moves for the songs she doesn't know?" He agreed to do it and took me backstage. I knew the dance moves for as long as you love me, beauty and a beat, one less lonely girl and she don't like the lights. The rest of the songs Nick helped me through them step by step. We had just finished the last song and Justin came back. 

"You good?" I nodded and went back out on stage. 

"Alright Elysandra is my main dancer so there's part I need to teach you." There was parts where Ely would grind on him and I refused to that, but Scooter said I had to since it's part of the routine. They played the song and the part was coming up. I went up to Justin as I felt his hands grab my waist sending chills down my spine. I started moving like Elysandra did then when that part was over I went back and started doing the rest of the moves. 


"Ten, nine, eight, seven," I heard the crowd yell. I had butterflies in my stomach and my palms were getting sweaty. 

"Breathe." Fredo told me. I was trying to remain calm but these nerves were eating me alive. 

"You'll be fine." Justin said smirking. I know he was trying not to laugh. 

"Shut up Justin." I growled. He puts his hands up in surrender. "What if I mess up? What if I forget the moves?" I wiped the sweat I had in my palms on my outfit. I've been breathing in and out for past half hour. 

"Justin get over here now!" Scooter yelled. 

"You'll do great, I promise." He kissed my cheek and went to where the wings were so they could buckle him. 

'You'll be fine Brina stop worrying' my conscious kept telling me. 

"We're on." Luke said pulling me with him on stage. We got on stage and the crowd started screaming when they saw Justin high up with his wings on. We were all in oh positions when All around the world started playing. Justin finally reached down and we made our way over to him to untie him. We started dancing and the nerves drained out of me. I was having so much fun. 


"That was so much fun!" I exclaimed heading myself backstage. The concert just ended and we were leaving to head to L.A now. 

"Glad you had fun kiddo." Scooter said giving me a warm smile. 

"Told you you'd do great." justin said. I pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek catching him by surprise. I was so excited I didn't realize what I did so I just left him there in shock.

 We went back to the house and I went upstairs to shower. I was all hot and sweaty so I put the water on cold feeling myself cool down. I got out and put on sweats with a blue hoodie. We were putting our bags in the bus so we could be ready by morning. Once we finished that I went upstairs feeling exhausted. I plopped myself on bed falling asleep when I heard the door open. 

"Brina?" Justin whispered. 

"Yes?" I softly spoke back. You could hear the tiredness in my voice. 

"I'm sorry did I wake you up?" He walked closer to me. I shook my head then I felt arms wrap around me. 

"What are you doing?" I laughed a little. 

"All the rooms are taken." He said getting himself comfortable. 

"So you decided to sleep with me?" I raised my eyebrow. 

"Fine then I guess I'll just leave." Justin pouted getting out of bed when I reached hand. His body tensed up as well as mine. 

"No it's fine, you can stay." He winked at me making me giggle. He plopped down next to me. 

"Goodnight." He said. I realized what Ely had said was true. I should give Justin a chance. I was falling asleep when I felt Justin wrap his arms around me placing his head on my neck. His hot breathe was hitting me making me relax. I started to hear him mumble things. I tried not to laugh at his sleep talk. 

"I like you Brina." My eyes popped wide open. Did I hear him right? 

"Give me a chance." He mumbled again. I started playing with hair. I waited for him to say something else but he didn't. 

"I'll think about it." Was I said before I dozed off to sleep. 




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