Love me like you do

Holly Horan, yes she is Niall Horan's younger sister. She is adored by all of the boys and often goes on tour with them because she is their dancer. She is also considered like a younger sister to them, all of except for one, Harry.


5. Chapter 5

Light was seeping through the windows, shining on my face. "time to wake up" i mumbled to myself and looked around. No sign of Harry. My head is pounding like crazy, whats happening?!  "how was your sleep Hol?" Harry asked taking a spoon full of cereal. So that's where he was. "it was good but now I have a giant headache. "headache, eh? hmmm...seems to me like you have a hangover." Harry sat down beside me taking my hand in his. "my first hangover, how exciting" I sarcastically remarked. "would you like some water, love?" Harry asked setting his bowl of cereal on the night stand next to me. "yes please" I nodded. He got up and walked to the kitchen once again. I can barely remember what happened last night, maybe I got way too drunk ? But I do remember we kissed, fireworks everywhere. He came back walking in with my water and handed to me. "thank you" i took a sip. "so are you feeling better?" Harry suddenly became more serious. "well my hang-", "no, not that I meant last night". "I don't remember much from last night, did something serious happen?" i asked worriedly. "well, erm, ya, I mean you almost got rap-" "I d-did?" I asked shocked. He lightly nodded almost scared to tell me the truth. "oh..." I trialed off overwhelming my head with panicked thoughts. "dont worry, Hols, you're fine now! I didn't give him a chance to do anything to you" he embraced me. I pulled back slightly to look into my saviors eyes "thank you". I felt his soft lips connect with mine, our lips moving together perfectly like we've kissed a million times when we have only kissed twice. We both eventually pulled back and stared into each others eyes. "Holly, I've been meaning to tell you for a while that I have extremely strong feelings for you and I think I love you" he shyly whispered. I wasnt used to him being shy. " you think you love me?" i questioned with an eyebrow raised. "No, i definitely know i love you, Holly." he continued to stare in my eyes. "I love you Harry" I smiled. "good, because now i can finally ask you to be my girlfriend" he winked "yes" i smiled before yet another kissing session. Finally.

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