Love me like you do

Holly Horan, yes she is Niall Horan's younger sister. She is adored by all of the boys and often goes on tour with them because she is their dancer. She is also considered like a younger sister to them, all of except for one, Harry.


1. Chapter 1

"Holly!" I heard my name being called from downstairs, I decided to ignore the call as I was still curling my naturally straight brunette hair. "HOLLY, COME DOWN HERE!" I heard my name being called again. Luckily I was done curling my hair so I unplugged the device and ran down the flight of stairs. "There you are! Ready to go to rehearsal? The choreographer is already there" Niall grabbed his keys of off the table. "Yes! I'm ready. So are we working on a new dance or what?" I asked excitedly. "Yeah, I think a new dance" he turned on the engine and started to back out of mine and Niall's drive way. Yes, me and Niall share a house. It is fun living with my older brother though, we got to go to rehearsal together all the time, he brought home the boys often and I got to see Harry almost 24/7. Well, I haven't for a while, this is going to be my first time back in a while, I've been in Ireland with my mum because something happened and I've taken a while to try and get over it. Anyways,  I really like Harry, scratch that I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him. But it could never be! Niall would never allow it and all of the boys think of me as their younger sister. Harry probably does too. I listened to my iPod as we drove and I stared out of the window looking at the morning settings. "Holly?" Niall took one of my earphones out. "Oh, hey, sorry, yeah?" I stuttered. "You okay Hols?" Niall asked with concern in his face. "Yeah...? Why wouldn't I be?" I looked at him. "Well, ever since that incident you've been really depressed" he looked at me sad. He was referring to when I was raped by my own teacher senior year. Since then I haven't been myself, it has only been two months since then and I don't even know what's wrong with me. I feel so insecure about myself, I feel like nothing, that teacher made me feel like nothing. "No, I'm fine" I lied. "No, no you're not! Look you probably weigh 60 never talk anymore, all you do is listen to sad music in your room." Niall began to cry. "Niall, I'm fine, relax. Lets go inside and rehearse!" "are you sure? you dont have to rehearse today if you dont feel up to it." "no! no! im good its okay!" smiled at him re-assuringly. He kissed my forehead before we got out. I walked in slowly behind him. I was scared to see the boys to be quite honest. I didn't want them to look at me as if I was broken and defenseless. So what if I am, I try not to be. Who am I kidding? I'm broken. I walked through the door, pretty much glued to Niall. "HOLLY!" They all ran to me and gave me hugs all around. Holding me close saying stuff like "we missed you Hols" "welcome back hol" "we love you". We all pulled away. Then Harry looked at me and then hugged me individually. "Hey" he whispered. "Hey" I said back quietly. " we should go with the boys over there I said before we both started to walk towards them. "Oh so the two flirts are at it again" Louis joked. I felt my cheeks become red and Harry began to fake wrestle with Louis. I'd like to say that they were treating me like normal but I can tell that they thought I am broken. I put on my fake smile and followed my dance choreographer into the other room to work on my new dance for their next concert. 

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