hollywood heights chp.1

this story is about a drama action packed show called Hollywood heights you probly heared about it and got addicted to it cuz I know I have so theres a lot of romance between loren(Brittany underwood) and eddie(cody longo) and there enimies and ther lies as a coule and there rockstar caeers and there parents and friends


1. meetings, bisnuess,kids, ANYTHING MORE?

* Eddie and Loren were at the office being yelled at and worked by their managers telling them to write more music so they can sell more albums and get more lables to offer to sign them and they were getting stressed out plus with their two kids Jaclyn and jaylon [ A/N: by the way jaylon is a girl] and then planning their parties and the cakes is just so much work on them they had to get a vacation from these people by the time they stopped thinking their managers Jake and Kelly had calmed down and sat down and Eddie finally spoke*

Eddie: look jake Kelly umm me and loren were thinking that we definetly need a vacation because we have the kids birthday parties to plan then you two yelling and screaming at us to write more songs and we can't take it with the lables and the lables and more and more lables!!!!!!!!!!

Jake: so are you saying you quit because you cannot quit if you quit i will die

Loren: no  not at all jake we are just saying we need a break we only get alittle time with our baby girls all they been asking is for us to play with them all day every day and every day we always have to say to them "sorry baby girls mommy and daddy got to work we'll play next time" but you know what their won't be a next time because of all this damn work!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly: you know what you guys umm are tottaly right you guys deserve a huge break we've been working you two so hard so so so sorry so you're free to go

Eddie: thank you guys sooo much

Loren: bye guys

*they head out the office and went home to their babies and payed the babysitter*

Eddie: baby girls mommy and daddy are home!!!!!!!!!!

Jaclyn&Jaylon: mommy and daddy we missed wu!!!!!!!!!!!

Loren: we missed you guys to now look mommy and daddy are free and don't have to work for a month so we can play with you two as much as you want

Jaclyn&Jaylon: yay mommy and daddy can play now we wuv wu guys

Leddie: we love you guys to

* so the duran family played and laughed and had fun till tomorrow when they would go to hawii with their friends and family and have a good time till next chapter this is LIL BARBIE14 seeya


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