Reunited . (Niam)



2. :/

see Liam searching for his phone, scattering everywhere. He finally finds it.

"Hello, Niall? Helloo?? Niall, if you're there I miss you. I miss you so much. Having a roomate with the same name as you doesn't help at all."

I see him set his phone down, tears in his eyes. "Liam?" I ask

"Yeah?" he doesn't look up.

"It's me, Niall. I called to see if you were my best friend Liam."

His eyes widen. "Niall!" he jumps up and hugs me tight. I hug back. I've missed him so much. My eyes get all watery. "What's wrong, Ni?" he asked. "Nothing, I'm happy to see you." I say, smiling. I let go of the hug and look at him, he look so different and really cute, wait what? What am I saying? "Liam I can't believe it's you!" I say. He was about to respond when the headmaster calls out, "Time to get to school!" I grab my stuff, so does Liam and we walk together.


I can't believe this is Niall, I've missed him so much. He looks so different and it's pretty attracting. He's my best friend though, what am I thinking? "So Liam, how have things gone since you moved?" he asked. "pretty good, what about you?" "ehh, the bullying got worse," I say with my head down. "every since you left, it did." Liam lifts my chin up as my face flushes. "Niall I'm so sorry I left you," he hugs me "never again." I hug back as we get to school. I walk into and to my locker to go to class, as I see everyone from the house there.

"Hey Niall!" Harry says

"Hey!" I reply.

I sit down, hoping this is Liam's class also. I listen to the teacher speaking about how the class goes. 10 minutes pass and I'm sure this is his class. "Miss, can I use the bathroom?" I ask, she nods. I get up and run down the hallway, looking for Liam. "NIALL, HELP!" I hear a scream, It's Liam. I run to him to see 2 other boys beating him up. "What is going on?!" I yell in anger. "None of ya business!" one of the boys yell. "I'll take care of him." the other one says as he punches me and I fall to the ground with everything turning white. Finally, everything comes back to me, I have to save Liam. I stand back up, pulling the guys away as the principal comes by. "What is this?!" she said angrily. "they started beating on my friend..." I replied. "you two, go to class and you two stay here." So, Liam and I go back to class. We walk in and Liam has a black eye and some bruises.


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