Reunited . (Niam)



3. Your Depression Is My Pain


Niall's POV

We walked into class, everyone staring.  "Where were you, Liam?' the teacher asked.  His face flushed. 

"I-I ran into a locker.." we both sat down, people snickering.  I felt so bad for him.  He looked so vulnerble.  I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything is alright, but I can't.

  "Today class, we will be doing an assignment.  One that makes me get to know you better.  Bring in anything you want." The teacher said.

She got us started on the assigment.  I started working when I noticed Liam just sitting there, doing nothing. "Hey Liam, is everything okay?" I asked

"Yeah, I guess...I just don't want you hurt."

"What?" I asked.

"The reason I was hurt was because I was standing up for you, they were calling you names.." he looked down.

"Like what?"

"Gay boy."

Those words struck me.  That's exactly what I was called in my old school. It's true, I'm gay.  This hurt.  One day in this school, and people are already being stereotypical.  I felt sick.  I got up and ran to the bathroom. I started crying in a stall when I got there.  I hate my life. I felt worthless. So worthless. I took my binder out, went in my pencil pounch, took my pencil sharpener out, staring at the blade and bit my lip.  I ran my finger across the blade, examining it.  I ripped the blade out of the pencil sharpener.  I bit my lip, rolled my hoodie sleeve up and places the blade on my wrist softly.  I slowly added pressure and then fully skidded the blade across my wrist.  I started crying again as I added 3 more cuts.  I cleaned the blood up, rolled my sleeve down and put everything away as Liam came in looking for me.

"Niall, are you okay?" he asked.

"Uhm, yeah I just needed space." I smiled and stood up.

Liam came to me and hugged me. "Everything is going to be okay Niall, trust me."

I smiled and pulled away. "Thank you Liam."

The bell rang and we had gym.  We went to gym and into the locker room.  I quickly got changed and went to the mirrors to fix up.  I saw a reflection in my mirror and recgonized the face. I gulped and turned around.

"Well, well, well, isn't it gay boy!" he snickered as he pushed me against the wall. I stood there, frozen. I noticed I had nothing to cover my cuts up and tried to hide them. Too late. "What is this, huh?" he lifted my arm up, revealing the cuts. "Fucking attention whore." He snapped as Liam came up, looking at me with such a sad look because he heard and saw what happen. I looked at him, with tears, and fear.  Fear of what will happen to me. The boy let me go and I tried to walk to the gym when Liam pulled me back.

"Why Niall, why?" he asked with tears.

"I don't know..I'm sorry I couldn't take the bullying."

"Niall..don't do it ever again..please.." he started to cry.

I hugged him and whispered, "I won't I promise..for you."

With that, we went to the gym floor, and guess what we were playing, dodgeball, great. Another way to be hurt.

I grabbed a dodgeball and threw it at random people I didn't know, then playfully, I threw one at Liam, he laughed and threw one back. We started a little fight. I was having fun, for once. I felt a ball hit the back of my head, it was that guy. I ignored it as Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Josh came up to us.

"Hey!"  They said in unison.

"Hey!" I said back.

"My hair!!!!" Zayn complained. I laughed.

"Oh you fool!" Josh said, messing it up again.

Liam laughed as Louis threw a ball at Harry.

"Yo man, not nice!" Harry said, throwing one back.

This was fun.  I actually had fun, with my friends/house mates.  I smiled to myself.

In gym, my cuts were visable. I bit my lip and whispered to Liam, "don't tell anyone, please." I looked at him and bit my lip.

"I won't ever, Niall. It's our secret. Just don't do it again."

We had a secret together.

"You little bafoon! I'm gonna get you!" I heard Louis yell at Harry.

Typical. Those two are stuck like glue.

"Get away Tommo!" he yelled as Louis chased him with a dodgeball. I looked over to Zayn and Josh, hitting other students and laughing. I kinda felt uncomfortable when I had my bullied staring, and smirking at me. The next thing I know is I got hit in the face 3 times extremely hard that it knocked me down.

I want to die.

Why does this happen to me.

I promised Liam I wouldn't end it.

I'll try my best not to.

I hide the tears and stand back up.

"it's going to be okay Niall, you're much stronger than them." Liam says as I look up and smile.

"But Liam, I don't like this. Why does this happen to me? I hate my life...I hate myself..."

"Niall..please don't say that. You're perfect just the way you are."

Liam's POV

"Niall..please don't say that. You're perfect just the way you are." I said. Wow cheesy Liam.

I hate seeing him like this it hurts.  His depression is my pain. I want to hold him and tell him he's loved. I want to kiss him and treat him like a prince. I know he's gay, but I don't think he likes me.

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