Reunited . (Niam)



1. Is That Him..?

As I walk into my new boarding school, I see all these unfamilar faces, passing by, staring at me.  "Welcome to your new school," the headmaster explains, "As you know you will be sharing a room with a roomate." I watch him take a list out of his pocket. "Harry, you're with Louis, Liam, you're with Niall and Zayn is with Josh..Now all of you go to your rooms and unpack, school starts in an hour." With that, I walk down the hall, questioning myself.  Why does the name Liam sound so familiar? I keep pondering until something hits, I had a best friend named Liam before he moved, he always was there for me, always. He was my only best friend. Yeah, I had a few other good friends but he was my only best friend.  I get to my room and open the door slightly to see two made beds.  I pick my bed and start unpacking. I start singing some Ed Sheeran as someone opens the door and I jump.

"Oh my! I'm sorry to scare you, I'm Liam." he smiles.

He looks familiar. So familiar.

"It's fine, I'm Niall."

"Nice to meet you, Niall. Your name sound familiar, but anyways I'm going to unpack now."

I nod and go pack to unpacking. I pull out some photos of my friends and I, some including Liam. I set them on my nightstand.  I get done and sit on my bed and scroll through my phone.  I realized I still had Liam's cell number but I never used it.  This is my time to see if I am reunited with my best friend. I call his cell and put my phone on my nightstand so it doesn't look like I'm calling. I wait and wait until I hear a faint ring coming from a bag. Yep, this is him, this is my best friend that I lost for years.

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