Adopted by 1D

"Mrs.Abby?" "Yeah?" "Your being adopted."


2. Meeting the Boys

Abby's POV

"Abby wake up!" Eleanor said shaking me."I'm up." I say. "Your meeting the boys today!! Get dresses and come downstairs!" She said smiling. "Ok." I say and she leaves the room. I changed into this. 

I walked down stairs and all eyes were on me. "Hi?" I said. "Abby, this is my band." Louis says. "I know. I'm a fan." I say. He smiles. "I'm Abby." I say to them. I've always fancied Niall. We did not have that big of an age difference. I met all the boys and talked to them for a while."Louis, should I think of you as a big brother or a dad?" I whispered. "Err, I don't know, a big brother." He said. "Ok." I say. We were not that far apart in age so I felt more comfortable if he was a brother. I went and sat beside Niall. "How old are you?" He asks. "16?" I say. He nods smirking. I let out a confused laugh. "Why?" I ask. "Just wondering.." He says.



Sorry for short chapter!

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