Adopted by 1D

"Mrs.Abby?" "Yeah?" "Your being adopted."


1. Being Adopted

Abby's POV

Another day in this stupid orphange. I've been here all my life. My parents died when I was 1 and no one wanted me. Now I'm 16. I had no friends at the orphange. I was really shy and I did not talk to anyone.  My phone ringed. "Mrs.Abby?" "Yeah?" "Your being adopted." I nearly screamed. That was right on time...That was the lady at the front desk, Mrs. Hayes. She was kinda nice but that is not the point! I'm finally getting adopted. I got a suitcase. I packed all my clothes and then got my One Direction posters from my wall, "I'm not going to leave you guys." I talk to the posters. Man, I need a friend. I zipped up my bag and ran to the front desk. "Where are they??" I ask. "Right in there." she said pointing into the waiting room. I walked into there akwardly. Guess who was there. Louis freaking Tomlinson and Eleanor freaking Clader. "Abby?" Eleanor asks. I nod slowly. She stands up and hugs me Louis does the same. "Oh my gosh." I say. "What?" Eleanor asks. "I'm so happy!" I say. She smiles. "Why would you adopt me, I'm already 14!" I ask. Why didn't they get a baby? Or a kid? "Well, you just seemed to fit with us perfect. We saw a picture of you and Mrs.Hayes told us about you." Louis says. I smile."Let's go shopping!" Eleanor says. "Well let me finish filling out this paperwork." Louis says.


It was Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, and me. I was so happy to meet them all. We walked into Forever 21. I found a Bat Man tank top and some shorts and went to the dressing room. I strutted out dramaticly and said, "What do you think?". They giggled. "It looks great babe!" Perrie says. They agreed and I got 3 more shirts and 2 more shorts. At the end of the shopping spree I got 3 dresses 10 tops and 11 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of skinny jeans. I got 2 bathing suits also. I hugged Eleanor. "Thank you so much!" I say. "Aw, your welcome!" She says.

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