Isn't She Lovely?



2. Settling in

Harry's POV 


we finished eating and headed out. We got to my house. "Wow!" She said. I smiled at her. She's a really sweet girl and she's really pretty. She looked at me with red cheeks. "You think outloud a lot." She giggled. I blushed. Woops. I grabbed her bag and she grabbed her bag. "Hey, I never got your name?" I said. "Oh I'm Sam. I know who you are of course. Sorta. I've actually never been out of my house except for school. Your Harry Styles." She smiled at me. I smiled back. I opened the door for her and she walked in. "Follow me." I said and showed her up to the guest room. I set her bag down. "Oh yeah, the rest of the guys are coming over." I said and kissed her forehead for no good reason. Then I walked out.


Sams POV 


i packed things that will cover my body. I put my longsleeved dark purple top on and my pajama pants. Then I walked downstairs and there in the livingroom, none other, then One Direction. "Oh yeah guys, this is Sam…" he told them the story and then all smiled at me. I shyly smiled back. Harry patted the other side of where he was sitting and I sat by him. He put his arm around me and rested it on my arm. It hurt so bad. I made an in pain looked and then noticed Niall looking at me funny. I mouthed, "it hurts so bad." At him and he mouthed back, "I'm sorry babe." Then he smiled at me. "We'll lads, lets go have some fun." I heard Louis say. Harry finally let go of my arm and I sighed. Niall didn't leave. He walked over and sat by me. "Can I see?" He asked. I nodded and rolled up my sleeve to show all of the bruises that my father has given me. Then Harry walked in and saw my arm. I quickly pulled my sleeve down and started to walk upstairs. Harry grabbed my arm. "Ow, Harry that hurts." I said mad that he did that. "Sorry…" he said gently and softly grabbed my hand. He pulled me upstairs. "Show me!" He said mad. I rolled up my sleeve and showed him all of the bruises. "Anywhere else?" He asked. "Everywhere…" I mumbled. "So that's why you ran away? You told me your parent were never there and that they hated you. Who did this?" He said sturnly. "My dad…" I said with a tear escaping my right eye. I looked down but then he used 2 fingers to lift my head back up. He softly kissed me. "It's ok. He won't get you here." He said gently and then carefully hugged me. I hugged him back. 

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