Isn't She Lovely?


1. Meeting

Sams POV 


I woke up in the morning to my angry dad. "Get up and take your clothes off. NOW!!!!" He screamed and I did what he said out of being scared. Then he took out the belt and pushed me up against the wall. He started and my ankles and the when he got up to my ass, he slapped it with his hand. Then he continued and turned my body around only to squeeze each of my breasts. Then he slapped me in the stomach and I fell to the ground. "Get up you little dick!" He screamed. I couldn't. I shook my head. Then he started to kick me. "I'm going out! If your not here when I'm back ill kill the dog." He screamed. I nodded scared. But inside my head I was planning to run away. Then he stomped out of my room and 2 minutes later I heard his car drive off. Then I painfully got up and got dressed. Then I grabbed a big purse and packed my makeup, clothes, and 3 pairs of shoes. Then I grabbed my dog Boo and ran outside. I ran and ran as far as I could. It was around midnight when I finally stopped. I didn't know where I was and then it started pouring rain. I walked around the block until morning. I gave boo some treats and water. I was scared. This was a terrible idea.


Harrys POV 


I was enjoying the breakfast my mom made for me when I saw a girl outside with a small dog. She looked soaking wet and she was limping. "Mom, ill be right back!" I said and ran outside. She stopped and looked at me. "Yooourrr…" she started. "Nevermind that! Are you ok?" I asked. "Yeah…I'm fine…" she said and looked at the ground. I used my index finger to lift up her head. Tears started to roll down her eyes. She looked in my eyes. "No…" she said and broke down crying. I hugged her and she hugged me back. "What happened love?" I asked. She explained to me everything. I didn't believe her at all but I went along with it. "Are you hungry?" I asked. She nodded. "Here! You can stay at my place and have breakfast here." I smiled at her. She smiled back and nodded. I held out my hand and she grabbed it. We walked inside and my mom looked at her. "She's lost. I'm gonna take her home after breakfast. Can she have some of your awesome pancakes?" I said with a cheeky smile followed by batting my eyes. She rolled her eyes. "Of course." I opened a chairs for Sam and helped her scoot it in. 

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