Troublemaker (Sequel to Harry's Little Sister)

All you are is trouble!


1. Introduction

Cece's POV

Hey, I'm Cece Nicola Horan. I have 2 little brothers Jake(14) and Greg(12) . I'm 16. My parents are London  Styles and Niall Horan. I'm a model and I love partying. I'm not, well, that amazing in school. My best friend is Jamie Tomlinson and Katie Malik. They are both my age. We model together. Summer has just begun and that means party's! I'm single but I have a crush on Mark Payne. He is a couple months older than me. We are great friends. Any who my dad was in this ancient band called One Direction. They were really popular. GROWN WOMEN on the streets ask me for an autograph because I'm Cece Horan. Ya, they must have been really popular.

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