The Words I Sing

Cait has traveled around the world with her Dad, who manages famous artists. She's met Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift- anybody who's anyone in the music business. When her Dad starts managing One Direction, she's thrilled to not stick around and spend all her time sulking in her bus with a notebook and a pen, maybe send a few autographs to Ruby back home. When Niall realizes all Cait thinks that music doesn't matter to the boys in One Direction, he is determined to make her realize their music means the world to him.
Cait is surprised Niall figured out how to communicate with her so that she will respect him- through his music.


3. Stand Behind The Music


The next day I spent with Niall under the Eiffel Tower. He'd called it judging day. I got to decide if he was 'real' or not. We talked about everything we could think of. And, I hated to admit it, but I enjoyed it. 


Four days later, I went strait into the hotel lobby.



"Morning, Cait," Carsen greeted me. Carsen was the pretty French girl who worked at the hotel we were staying at while the tour wasn't it full swing yet. 

"You look nice this morning," Carsen said. 

"Thanks, Carsen. Is that scarf new?" I asked her I knew it wasn't a new scarf; she'd worn the same one yesterday. 

"No. I just ordered one online though," she said cheerfully. 

"Send me pictures of it if we leave before it comes," I said, taking the coffee she'd prepared for me. 

"No problem." 

It was the clearest, brightest day of the week that we'd been in France, also our last. I was planning on going to a swimming pool. As long as it was indoors, with the illusion of sunshine and the heat of indoors. I changed into my bathing suit on the bus. 

"Olivia, I'm going to the pool. Do you wanna come?" I asked her. She was on the bus with me, sitting on her bunk with her iPhone. 

"Yeah, hold on one minute." She got off her bed and changed into a cute bikini. 

"That's very sparkly," I said as we walked off the bus and down the block to the indoor bathing suit. 

"Aren't you cold?" I was in my sweatpants and a t-shirt that covered my bathing suit. 

Olivia flipped her auburn hair. 

"Not enough to walk to the pool in sweatpants," she said simply, glancing up at the cloudless sky. 

"It's January, Olivia." 

"Really? It feels like June," she lied through her chattering teeth. 



We walked into the pool, which was totally empty... except for a few boys splashing around in the water. Their loud voices echoed off the wall. 

"Olivia Chrane. What is happening?" I asked. 

"The boys just so happen to be at the pool," she said. She fakely pouted her lip. "I'm sorry, Cait. I had absolutely nothing to do with this, I swear." 

"Cait?" Niall said from the pool. I waved timidly, not wanting to take off my sweatpants and my shirt. Olivia nudged me. I slipped off my cover ups and jumped immediately into the pool and swam over to the source of the splashing. 

"Guys, this is my cousin Olivia. Olivia, this is Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn- and Harry." 

"Hi," she said, flaunting her British accent. For once I felt strangely American. 

"Cait, look!" Niall cried. All heads turned our way. "I'm not melting!" 

"What," Olivia said. "Did you two get together or something?" she giggled. 

I felt like crying. I felt like a stupid little kid. It was embarrassing  like somehow I'd shared some inside joke with Niall. I did, in a way... But their faces made it hard for me to play it cool. I swam to the edge and hopped out of the pool and wrapped myself in a towel. Olivia and Niall followed me. 

"I'm so sorry Cait!" Olivia whispered. "I didn't mean to... I didn't..." 

"Cait," Niall blurted. "I'm sorry." 

"No, I'm sorry guys. For overreacting.  I think I'm gonna head back to the bus." I ran all the way home. 

"Cait, come back!" Niall said. 

"Why?" I said to him, turning around. 

"Because. You have to give me a chance." 

"No, I don't. You've proven to me that you're real. You're as down to earth as I am. I get it; you're charming, you're funny, you're nice to me and you're smart and you're talented." 

"You think I'm all that? Then why don't you talk to me?" 

"I knew you were real, Niall. Right from the start. That's not what you needed to prove to me. It's the music, Niall. I'm sorry." 

He grabbed my arm and turned me around. Then, he kissed me. It was the best kiss I'd ever had (so what if there'd only been four). Time stopped. When it was over, he looked down at me and smiled. 

"I told you I knew you were real."

"Then what is it? Why won't you believe me?" 

"The music, Niall. All you sing about is... girls.. Maybe if you could sing about something that mattered... if you could stand behind the music.. maybe this could work." 

It hurt me. A lot. But I let go of him and walked away. 





















































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