The Words I Sing

Cait has traveled around the world with her Dad, who manages famous artists. She's met Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift- anybody who's anyone in the music business. When her Dad starts managing One Direction, she's thrilled to not stick around and spend all her time sulking in her bus with a notebook and a pen, maybe send a few autographs to Ruby back home. When Niall realizes all Cait thinks that music doesn't matter to the boys in One Direction, he is determined to make her realize their music means the world to him.
Cait is surprised Niall figured out how to communicate with her so that she will respect him- through his music.


2. Oddball

That night, I turned off the light in my bunk and closed my songbook. I closed my eyes restlessly and thought of the boys. The cheap lyrics, meaningless chords and overenthusiastic notes on a piece of paper. It annoyed me.  The bus door opened. 
"Dad. Im tired," I whined, but the person In the bus was, once again, not my father.
"Hey, roomie," a girl said. 
"Excuse me?" 
"Youre my roommate, and we," she put a piece of candy into her
mouth. "Are going to be the best
of friends." 
"Yeah. okay. one problem, chick.
you're in the bus, and I don't know you." 
"My apologies!" she said perkily. 
"Im Olivia. I'm your cousin." 
"There's no way," I stuttered.
"Mm, way," she rolled the candy around in her mouth.
"Penstin born, London raised." 
Olivia smiled. 
"You were born in Penstin?" 
"I just said so, didnt I?" she smiled.
"Youre lucky. The boys you're touring with? irresistible." 
"Really? To me, they're pretty resistible." 
"Mum told me about you. Youre
into music, right? So why aren't you thrilled about this?" 
"Thrilled about spending all my time with foreign dweebs who don't sing real music? Sure." 
"Am I a foreign dweeb?" Olivia asked, her British accent remarkably strong. I held my tongue.
"No. You seem pretty okay. For a ginger and all." She smiled.
"And you seem pretty okay for a blond. Smart." 
I lied back down in my bunk. 
"I saw you hanging out with Niall in the lobby," she said.
"We weren't hanging out... Just talking. Are you guys...?" 
"oh, no! I've got my eyes on Harry." 
"Good luck," I said, pulling the sharp sarcasm out of the phrase reluctantly. 
"Thanks. Good luck with Niall,
too. You two are absolutely adorable together..."
"We are NOT together," I said, almost instantaneously. 
"Really? You should be. He's been single for so long, and I've heard you're a really nice girl." I felt guilty. I'd been very forward, and very rude to Niall. 
"Thanks, but don't be so sure. you may not think so later." 
sleep didnt come. I tossed and turned, thinking more and more about Niall. 'Im real, I'm real'. I didn't doubt he was. he was one of the sweetest and most attractive boys Id ever met. Yet he was still charming, witty and slightly sarcastic. It was the music that got me. Even if Niall was just as down to earth as the dirt and gravel under the bus's wheels, the bands music was still a load of fake lyrics and annoying beats. 
The boys were talented- extremely talented. Thats why it bothered me so much. If they sang about something other than girls, I would respect them like I did my idols. 
And, I hate to admit this, but there was a very small part of me that wanted Niall to be the oddball. The one who wrote the words, the real ones. The one who wouldn't mind blowing off his friends to be with his girl. I started fighting with myself.
Oh my God. 
Niall is NOT boyfriend material.
But... he is. 
Maybe so.. just not for you. 
I shut my eyes tight.
"God, please let me sleep," I whispered. "Please." 


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