Follow Your Heart

Caitlyn has had a crush on Josh for most of her senior years, but she has never had the courage to actually speak to him. One day she is blamed for an indecent that he had committed, and suddenly the two are thrown into detention together. Is this finally the start of what Caitlyn has always dreamed of? Or is hunky Irishmen Niall, a boy she meets in Drama, really the one meant for her?


6. The Look

  Josh and i talked the whole of the detention. Maybe Brittney had done me a favor  Though she would hate to know that. The bell rung for our break. I stood up reluctantly and gathered my books. 'You know, this detention has been the best detention I've ever had.' Josh said flashing his gorgeous smile at me. 'Ill see you period 4!' He grinned and walked towards the door. I stuffed my books into my bag and headed for the door. 'Caitlyn!' Mr Karissa yelled hurrying to catch me before i left. 'Yes Sir?' I asked pausing to look at him. 'I see you getting along with Mr Hutcherson well, but please remember that if you spend detention talking you will have a lot to catch up on.' I nodded. 'I will keep that in mind.' i said smiling and pushing the door open and heading towards the year 10 locker area. I knew very well though that the only thing i would be keeping in mind is how absolutely gorgeous Josh is and the fact that we were going to be detention buddies! ..okay not the best place to be hanging out but what the heck! Right now, i don' really care. Hannah met me at my locker. I shoved my bag into it hastily and pulled my money for the canteen out. 'Give me your lunch money!' She said shoving me against the locker lightly. I laughed. A classic Hannah move. 'Oh don't hurt me big tough gangster!' I laughed holding my hands up in surrender. 'I hear you are the gangster around here getting detention for the rest of the term.' She said letting go of my shoulder and opening her own locker. 'Brittany told her mummy that i was in on this mornings incident with Josh. We both have detention together. And you wont believe it. We sat beside each other and talked the whole time. It was perfect.' She raised an eye brow. 'Wow, looks like you aren't so invisible to him after all.' I beamed back at her. She could see that i was excited so quickly grabbed her own money and headed to the canteen with me. 'What did you talk about?' She asked. 'His life, my life, deep and meaningful stuff.' i laughed. 'No we just talked about school and all the usual things. He cant believe Brittney had actually lied to put me in detention.' I looked over to see Brittney and shay entering the canteen area and take a seat at their normal table along with the jocks aka Josh and his buddies.. 'Who would have thought that a once in love couple would turn out to hate each other so much. Yet she still tries to get Josh back no matter what he does.' Hannah muttered. 'I know. Look at the way she is laughing and twisting her hair around her fingers. Flirt. I bet what they are saying isn't even funny.' I rolled my eyes at her failed attempt of sitting on Josh  lap. 'You would think after he sprayed her with water this morning she would get the hint..' Hannah sighed. 'Obviously not.' Suddenly Josh looked up and our eyes met. 'He is looking at you Caitlyn...' But i didn't even hear her. Josh flashed a smile at me and waved. I waved back with probably to much eagerness. He continued to smile before looking at one of his mates who was saying something to him. I heard Brittney scowled angrily and watched as she got up and stormed out of the room, turning to give me the most hateful look she has ever given anyone. Shay followed. Hannah whistled obviously seeing the look i got. 'And now Brittney will probably kill me.' I said grabbing my food and heading to the counter.

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