Follow Your Heart

Caitlyn has had a crush on Josh for most of her senior years, but she has never had the courage to actually speak to him. One day she is blamed for an indecent that he had committed, and suddenly the two are thrown into detention together. Is this finally the start of what Caitlyn has always dreamed of? Or is hunky Irishmen Niall, a boy she meets in Drama, really the one meant for her?


2. Moment

There in front of Hannah and I was, Brittany standing in the middle of the crossing, absolutely drenched with mud and water! A car had come to a halt beside her and the wheels had spun water up onto her her. She was literally screaming with rage! But Hannah and I couldn't help it. we started laughing..a lot! Lets just say Brittany isn't the nicest girl at the school. She likes to feel bigger and better than everyone else. She thinks she is above everyone, that unless were famous, we aren't important. She brings out the worst in people and tries to embarrass everyone one way or another. So whoever owned that car and did that to Brittany was a legend! Shay (Shanesha) was Brittanys closest friend. Well, kinda like her slave actually, she did everything for Britany. But she always said they were 'sisters'. Shay came running to Brittanys aid. She hurried Britany offer to the bathrooms to change her uniform and get cleaned up. Hannah and i were falling over each other laughing. we could hear Brittany screaming from the bathrooms! 'That idiot!' She was yelling. We turned our attentions to see who was in the car. Two people got out, both laughing to. Both were year 11s. Hannah and I were year 10s. One of the people who got out of the car was Tam (Taumaline) and with her was her close friend Josh. Gorgeous, hunky, cutie ahh there were just so many words for him! He was..popular I guess is the word. But not in the same way that Britany was. A few guys come up and high fived Him. 'good one Joshy boy!' I turned and looked at Hannah  I had had a crush on Josh since I first walked into this school. But I had come to realize that he would never notice me. I didn't worry about it as much any more. I knew he probably would never go for a girl like me. With my long brown hair, golden brown eyes. Hannah let out another giggle 'so Josh is now a bad boy?' I winked 'hasn't he always been?' Hannah knew about my crush but she also knew not to rub it in. she was good like that. Josh and Tam begun to walk towards the school entrance in which Hannah and I just so happened to be standing in front of. 'Caitlyn hes coming this way' Hannah said nudging my arm with her elbow 'hes coming this way!' She said again. 'I know I heard the first time' I said quickly before he heard. As he approached the entrance Hannah and I made no effort to move. I was to mesmerized by his gorgeous smile. As he was about to walk past he looked sideways at me 'hey' he said. I was literally shocked. He actually said hi to me! Before he was to far away to hear I quickly yelled 'hey' back. Then they were through the gate and gone. 'pinch me.' I said to Hannah. So she pinched me. 'oww!' I frowned at her. 'what you told me to pinch you' Hannah grinned. 'maybe you aren't that invisible to him after all' she smiled. I grinned to myself and together we headed inside to our lockers...

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