Follow Your Heart

Caitlyn has had a crush on Josh for most of her senior years, but she has never had the courage to actually speak to him. One day she is blamed for an indecent that he had committed, and suddenly the two are thrown into detention together. Is this finally the start of what Caitlyn has always dreamed of? Or is hunky Irishmen Niall, a boy she meets in Drama, really the one meant for her?


4. Detention

I slowly closed the door behind me. Mrs Taylor looked up from her hard wooden desk and smiled with her cold unearthly smile. 'Cathrine, take a seat.' She said gracefully pointing her hand at the brown leather seat that sat opposite her. 'Its Caitlyn..' I said making no move for the seat. She narrowed her eyes at me. She hated me. Maybe because she was Brittneys mother. Anyone Brittnay hated, she hated. They were much alike. 'Caitlyn.' She said, no apology added. I took the few small steps needed to reach the seat and sat down. She paused, glaring at me, before she stood up and walked around to where i was sitting. She bent down looking right into my eyes. 'Brittany tells me that you and Mr Hutcherson were the ones who decided it would be funny to drench her with water this morning.' My mouth dropped open with surprise. She must have got the reaction she wanted because she straightened up and went and sat back down grinning. 'You will be having detention for the rest of the term along with Mr Hutcherson.' 'No, but i had noth...' 'Detention. that is final!' She cut in. No use protesting. Though i hadn't done it, i had no way of convincing her of that. I stood and sighed. I would have detention period 2 and 4 every day for the rest of term. great. i will have a lot of class work to catch up with! I opened the door and headed to the detention room.

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