Follow Your Heart

Caitlyn has had a crush on Josh for most of her senior years, but she has never had the courage to actually speak to him. One day she is blamed for an indecent that he had committed, and suddenly the two are thrown into detention together. Is this finally the start of what Caitlyn has always dreamed of? Or is hunky Irishmen Niall, a boy she meets in Drama, really the one meant for her?


7. Cheesy

I still had butterflies in my stomach as i walked to period 3 alone. But two different sorts. One of happiness because of the smile i had gotten from Josh  and one of genuine fright from the hated glare i got from Brittney  The whole of period 3 was a blur  i was to caught up in my imagination and doodling in my book to pay any attention to my history teacher and when the bell finally rung i actually got up and rushed off to detention. Which is something that i will never admit to if you told anyone. I opened the door that eagerly that i actually pushed instead of pulled. The door didn't budge, obviously, but at the time i was genuinely worried i had broken it. I looked around to see laughing faces staring at me. Great, made a complete fool out of myself again. Josh suddenly loomed up behind me. 'Here' he chuckled pulling the door and holding it open for me. I smiled gratefully and embarrassed at the same time. 'thanks.' I went inside and we headed over to the same seats. We had Mr Karissa again, thank god! i dumped my bag on the ground and grabbed out my book. i decided maybe doing a little bit of work would be a good idea. Josh seemed to think the same thing because he asked if we could help each other with the work.We spent 30 minutes working and the last 10 talking. He really was the nicest boy. i couldn't believe he was here, beside me, talking to me, smiling at me, he was what i would see as perfection. 'What?' he suddenly asked. 'Why are you looking at me like that?' Oh god, i quickly snapped out of my daydream and my hand flew up to my mouth to check that i hadn't embarrassed myself more by dribbling. All clear. i sighed in relief  but i still had a question to answer. '...umm.' was all i could come up with. finally i just blurted it our. 'Look you're an attractive guy okay?!' i said. he chuckled and smiled. 'And you are a very beautiful girl.' I felt my cheeks go red. he saw me blushing and laughed a little but kindly. I smiled. The bell went and we both stood. 'Thank you for what you said.' i smiled hoisting my bag onto my back. He simply grinned and leaned in kissing me on the cheek. 'To cool them off.' he winked. I raised my eye brow as i watched him walk out. my day just got better!

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