Follow Your Heart

Caitlyn has had a crush on Josh for most of her senior years, but she has never had the courage to actually speak to him. One day she is blamed for an indecent that he had committed, and suddenly the two are thrown into detention together. Is this finally the start of what Caitlyn has always dreamed of? Or is hunky Irishmen Niall, a boy she meets in Drama, really the one meant for her?


1. Morning

It was Monday, the first day of the week, oh what joy I am feeling..

I follow the same old routine, get up (the hardest bit), shower, get dressed in the very fashionable school uniform; a red dress with white stripes and deep red buttons, white socks and our wonderful white hats. Gosh you just gotta love school. Sometimes I wish I lived in one of those places where you could wear what you want to school. It looks so good in the movies anyway... Next step was pack my bag. At least we could have a free choice with what type of bag we have. Usually i would then have breakfast, but today i skipped it because I didn't feel hungry this morning. And lastly was to skip to school...okay maybe not skip but I did have to walk to school. I usually met up with my best friend Hannah half way and we walked the rest of the way together. Hannah had been my best friend since forever! I don't think I could imagine my life without her. It is really nice to have someone who you can tell everything to and know that they wont tell a soul. I trusted Hannah with everything. She gave the best advice. She was the nicest person I knew and I could be my absolute self around her and she didn't care one bit about how silly I was. God we've had so many fun times together. I wont name them all but trust me when I say we can be pretty crazy. Our walk to school was the same as always. Talk about the weekend discuss the very important subject of boys and Admire the wonderful sites to see. A tree here. A lawnmower there. we passed the same house we always passed. It was classed as the 'haunted' house of this town. Hannah and I didn't believe the whole hunted story but it was a pretty big story at our school. Apparently if you go in you never come back out (yes that's how out of hand the story has gotten) but truth is it belonged to a old man who passed away a few years back due to a heart attack. My dads been in the house a lot to clean it up to sell and he has come out every night completely alive so its obvious the story isn't true. But we don't say anything because its funny to see the looks on peoples faces when they hear the story. Hannah and I keep it as a inside joke. As we approached the school, Terrance high, we heard the unmistakable sound of tires coming to a sudden halt on the bitumen. 'What the hell do you think your doing?! Get out of the way!' Hannah and I spun round to see the funnest thing I think we have ever seen...

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