Expect the unexpected

Breezy was a typical 17 year old girl with best friends who she loves to death an older brother and a sister the same age her best friends are like family to her mom and dad but one fall night everything Changes


1. The Night

Breezy's P.O.V I went out to see a movie after earth my Brother wasnt home then again he never is he is in the army and My sister was out of state for school even though it was the middle of summer I think she said it was like some kinda of Summer trip for school i dont even know and I didnt want to bother any of my friends I got home parked my car and locked the doors and started watching a horror movie my Mom and Dad were down the street at their Photography studio there was a knock at the door I opened it up and found my best friends Courtney Tami Brooklynn Chloe and Chaira  at the door "Hey why are you guys here so late its like midnight" I said "Your parents photography is on fire" Tami said "WHAT?!" I screamed "Are your parents home" Courtney asked "NO THEY ARE THERE" I yelled slamming the door and running down the block to see your parents work on fire me tried to run past the police but they wouldnt let me "THOSE ARE MY PARENTS INSIDE!" You screamed "They had 3 kids which child are you" He asked "Im the middle child Breezy Zach is my older brother hes in the arm and Cat is my younger sister whos out of state for a Summer trip" I said really fast "Calm down are these your friends" He asked I nodded as they brought out two body bags  I burst into tears the girls just hugged me "No they cant be gone" I mumered I saw 3 guys in black hoodies take off no doubt in my mind they had something to do with this I just cried "Hey we're staying over at your place tonight" Chloe said "We will get a hold of your brother and your sister" I shook my head "Just my brother my baby sister doesnt need to have anything to worry about right now" I said he nodded "lets get you home we will have the boys come over as well" Courtney said "We are going to go get our stuff we will be right back"  Chloe said "Im going to stay here with her Chaira can you get my stuff my key is under my doormat but go quietly" Brooklynn said we all lived on the same street so we were close "Yeah Ill get it you will call the boys?" She asked "Yeah and thank you" She nodded and they all left 

Brooklynns P.O.V I knew that she was going to be dead inside her parents were like second parents to us each of our parents knew our parents went to highschool together got seperated and then kinda reunited thanks to us we were all pretty upset we just lost Mr &Mrs Jackson there was no doubt that she would be having a hard time I mean come on she just lost both of her parents I grabbed out my phone knowing the boys they are probably going to be with each other all summer the boys are our older brothers we go to them for literally everything there names are Chase, Drake, Sam, Dean, Nikki, and Jeremiah "Im gonna go change into a pair of Pajamas" She said I nodded and she walked up the stairs 

************PHONE CONVO BETWEEN SAM AND BROOKLYNN*****************

"Aye brookie" His voice rang 

"Hey Sammy I know they boys are with you can you guys come stay with me and the girls Bre is in tears right now Mr & Mrs Allie just died" I said 

"Oh my god yeah we are getting out stuff right now what happened" He said 

"The photography place caught on fire and they brought out two body bags with them in it and we saw the entire thing" I said 

"We are coming down the street now" He said 


*****************END CONVO***********

The boys walked in the door followed by the girls and Breezy came down stairs "Bre We're really sorry" She just shook her head and started crying the boys hugged her one at a time  Chase and her were the closest once Chase beat the crap out of one guy just for pushing her into a locker She hugged him tightly we all slept int he living room she kept mattresses in the garage we brought those inside moved the couches back a bit and we put sheets on them and we got duvets and laid them on it and we all brought pillows so it was like a major slumber party just with boys we started watching the movie Mama we all loved horror movies we all fell asleep half way through the movie 

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