Expect the unexpected

Breezy was a typical 17 year old girl with best friends who she loves to death an older brother and a sister the same age her best friends are like family to her mom and dad but one fall night everything Changes


3. The Internship

Breezys P.O.V I got this internship interview I have wanted for a LONG time Im really nervous they needed someone who knew how to operate and sound board and knew out to translate and i can speak 5 different languages they said to dress how you usually dress so I dress in my normal attire 

I pulled into the parking lot took a deep breath turned off my car and walked inside putting my keys in my front pocket "How may I help you??" The front desk lady asked "Im here for an interview" I smiled "Full name please??" "Breezy May Jackson" I said "If you will wait right there I will let him know you are here" I nodded and sat down pulling out my phone and started texting Carter whos a skater also a good friend of mine 

***********************TXT CONVO BETWEEN CARTER AND BREEZY***********************


Carter: Aye Breez 

Me: Whats goin on 

Carter: Nun much u and did you see how Carson dressed yesterday 

Me: Haha yeah yesterdays outfit choice was Ratchet, and Im at that interveiw 

Carter:Right?!?!  and you went to that?? 

Me: Yeah waiting to get called back right now 

Carter: Good luck with that and Im really sorry bout your parents boo :( wanted to call you last night but thought you might have been sleeping

Me:Its fine but I did wish I had your hugs :( 

Carter: Mish you! my brother thought we were dating 

Me: HAHA nope just like brother and sister 

Carter: Exactly 

Me:Hey Boo gotta go the called me

Carter: Ight bye txt me after 

****************************END CONVO*********************************** 

"I'm Simon and you must be Breezy" Simon smiled Holy crap I was in front of Simon freaking Cowel right now "Yes I am" I smiled back stood up and shook his hand "If you will follow me we can get started I nodded and followed him to the back studio I saw 2 groups of boys wrestling "BOYS Settle down!" He yelled at them they saw me and straightened up I blushed a bit I mean they were all pretty good looking "This is Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn also Known as One Direction and this is Luke Jai Beau James and Daniel" He introduced them "Boys this is Breezy" I smiled and shook there hands "They will be in here asking questions too if you dont mind" He said "No not at all" I smiled "Okay so What languages can you speak" He asked "I speak French Italian Spanish Latin German Portuguese and the old language of Irish" I smiled I saw Nialls eyes widen when I said the last one "Wow do you pay attention in school?" He asked "I dont really have a choice I have sports and if I dont keep my grades up to at least a B i get kicked off the team" I said "What sports do you play??" Luke asked "Soccer & Softball and volleyball" I told them "Id think you were a cheerleader" James said I laughed "No Im not really the Girly girl type that and Ic ant stand the cheerleaders at my school and they dont like me either SO we keep away from each other" I nodded "So are you good with the sound board" Simon asked "Yes Sir this is 5x bigger than the one I have at home but yes" I smiled "Can you make us some beats??" Liam asked "Sure if thats okay" I said looking at Simon he nodded I stood up and the boys got up to to watch me I started off with some simple beats but the I got complicated and had to move my hands kinda fast to keep up it sounded like something skrillex would make I finished and turned everything off They clapped "Sorry to interrupt sir but I have a ph-" He stopped I looked at him confused he kinda looked like my old friend Jacob "Bree???" He asked "Jake??" I replied "You know each other" Simon asked "We grew up together" He said "I havent seen you since what??? 8th grade" I told him "So since you know him how good is he with People and everything you do??" He asked "Better shes the one who taught me" He smiled "So from what I here your amazing you got an amazing style Simon shes sold with us" Jai smiled I literally flipped inside I really want this job "Your Hired forget the internship" He smiled "Thank you so much!" I exclaimed  "Can you start tomorrow morning??" He asked "Yes sir and Jake that finger of yours gets any closer to my cheek you and I will be having the fights we had when we were kids" I said stepping away from his finger "How di-" I cut him off "I have boys at home that literally live in my house they do the same thing!" I said "Whats your phone number" Simon asked I wrote it down for Simon "By the way LOVE the style" Beau said "Thanks!" I smiled "Okay Breezy your free to go!" Simon smiled "Okay well I got to go see if my house is still in one piece because I have 11 friends in my house and 6 of them are boys..." I said "Oh god" Simon said I laughed "exactly so it was great meeting you all but I have to go before they go through my laptop" I smiled "nice meeting you too" The boys smiled "See you tomorrow at 9AM" Simon said I nodded and left "BREEZY WAITT!" I heard someone behind me I turn around to see all of the Janoskians in front of me "Yes?: I said looking at luke who was looking down blushing like crazy I just smiled "We dont exactly know our way around could you tell us where the nearest movie theater is???" Daniel asked "I could drive you if you'd like" I said "No we couldnt ask you to do that" Jai said "Just get in its not a big deal its like 5 minutes away" I smiled the nodded and all got in there 

Luke's P.O.V Okay this girl is insanely cute where have I seen her before?!?!?! she offered us a ride and her car only fit 3 in the back and 1 in the front I ran and got in the front while they got in the back "Sorry for you guys being well squished I dont get my car till later today" She said "Its alright love we're used to it" Beau said laying across all have of them "BEAU YOU WAY A TON!" James exclaimed causing her to giggle a bit while driving I heard our song Best friends playing from the radio and I turned it up just a bit "I didnt know our song was on the radio" I smirked "Its not I have a CD with a bunch of songs on it" She said shrugging her shoulders I just smiled "Here you guys are and if you need me to I will come pick you guys up" She said as everyone got out "Okay thanks Love" Daniel said she rolled up the window and I was about to get out when she grabbed my hand "Here take this" She handed me a piece of paper "Whats this" I asked "Its my number" She smiled "Then Ill Defiantly call you" I winked she blushed "Alright I wont keep you anymore" She said "I would stay here but unfortunately I promised the guys" He said "Go have fun I gotta go get some people out of my house" She smiled "Bye Breezy" I smiled "Bye" She said as  I shut the door and drove off "SOOOO DID YOU GET HER NUMBER??!?!" Jai jumped "Yes I did" I smirked  "LUKES GOTTA GIRLFRIEND!" They yelled "Shes not my girlfriend..... Yet" I smiled "We got tickets to go see The Conjuring and went and watched it I texted Breezy the whole time while I was waiting 

Me:Breezy :) 

Breezy: Lukeeeeeeee 


Breezy: Cleaning up the mess in my house 

Me: So Are you free today??? 

Breezy: Yeah dont have anything Planned was going to the skate park you boys wanna come? 

Me:Sure :) 

Breezy: But I will let you watch your movie and Ill finish cleaning and I have to go get my car call me when your done 

Me:Bye love <3 

I started watching the movie and wait anxious for it to end 

Breezy's P.O.V Did he put the heart at the end of the text?????? He probably doesnt mean anything hes probably just being nice everyone was leaving some had a school thing to do and others were leaving so Im by myself which im completely okay with I had finished cleaning I grabbed my skateboard and helmet and set them in the back of my car and drove to the repair shop thats two minutes away from my house I turned off the car and got out "AYE BREE!!!!" Jim in the back yelled "Hey Monkey boy" I smiled the tried hugging me "Your covered in motor oil dont come near me" I said "Do you want your car???" Jim asked  "Please I miss my SUV" I said "right this way" They took me out front and pulled my SUV out I had gotten in a BAD car accident and it was smashed "I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I screamed grabbing my Skateboard and helmet out of the truck "and Thanks for leading me your truck Jim" I smiled "No problem" he smiled "Alright We gotta get back to work" He kissed my forehead and ran off I through my skateboard in my SUV and started it when my phone rang 

**************************PHONE CONVO BETWEEN LUKE AND BREEZY*******************

"Helloo? I asked 

"Hey Movie is over wanna come get us?" Lukes voice rang 

"Yeah be there in like 5 minutes you guys still wanna go to the skatepark" I asked 

"Yeah we just gotta stop home and get our boards" He said as I pulled into the movie theater parking lot

"Im here its the Blue SUV" I said 

**********************************END CONVO***********************************

They all got in and we were off "Nice car" James said "Thank you" I smiled "Luke since your in the front Direct me to where your house is" I said "Okay" He smiled god his smile killed me......wait what am I think  i hardly know him "At the stop sign take a left go all the way down and then take a right its the first house on the left" Luke said "You live on my street" I smiled "NEIGHBORS!!" They shouted I laughed as I pulled into their drive way they all jumped out "Ill wait here" I smiled "You sure you can come in if you want" Jai said "Yeah its fine ill just wait here" I said smiling they nodded and ran inside while I waited I decided to check twitter I logged and I gained like 10,000 followers since I left this morning I looked to see what happened and I saw Simon, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Jai, Luke, Beau, James, and Daniel,  had all followed me I looked up and the boys were running outside and jumped in the car "How in the world did you know I have a twitter and how did you know how to find it??" I asked "We are famous we can find you anywhere" James said "We are better than the FBI by the way im really in love with your car" Daniel said I laughed "Thank you" I smiled my phone started going of rapidly "Whoa miss popular" Jai said "Im anything but popular" I scoffed "Then whats with the phone" Luke asked "Well I did get 10,000 more followers over from the time i woke up this morning" I said pulling into the parking lot turned off the car we all got out put our helmets on and started skating 

Jai's P.O.V Breezy is a really awesome girl I can tell that Luke really likes her he never really has dated for a good year almost two "Bree how long have you been skateboarding?" Beau asked "Since I was like 10" She said grinding on the rail and landing perfectly "And your what age now??" James said "Im 17 almost 18" She said she tried going up the wall but one of the other people here pushed her down causing her to fall down flat on her back "BREEZY!" We shouted we all stopped and ran over to her "What the hell man?!?!?!" Luke yelled "She should learn to climb right" He rolled his eyes "Bree can you breathe?????" Daniel asked "Yeah my back hurts like a bitch now" She said we helped her up "Damn shes not dead" The guy said when he said that Breezy tensed up and whipped her head back around "I should of known" She shook her head and laid her board down "You know this prick???" Beau asked "Yeah boys meet my stupid ass ex boyfriend Mac" She said ex boyfriend wow didnt know ex's would be that cruel he jumped down and Breezy jumped back into Lukes arms and she was right in front of Luke now "I see your still scared of me" He smirked Scared????? What the fuck did he do to her?! I may have only known her for a few hours but shes like a sister to me probably to all of us He stepped towards her  "Stay the hell away from me" She spat "So what you are a slut now and dating 5 guys at one time" He shot at her "Me??? Since when have I slept around and last time i check your the one who takes innocent teens down to 13!" She yelled "Thats sick" James said "OH so they are Aussies" He smirked we noticed and girl who looked about 16 17 maybe 18 on the top "Why dont you screw off dickhead" She spat he went and tried punching her but Luke pulled her out of the way "Do that again your ass is gonna be beaten" He threatened he whispered something into her ear and gave me a keep-her-over-there look she walked carefully over to me and hugged me she was shaking "When did you become so weak???" He spat "Shes not you just tried to punch her!" Beau exclaimed "Wonder if this will do the trick" He smirked "Mac Dont please dont" She begged "Whats he going to do???" I whispered in her ear "You see that thing in his pocket" She asked I nodded "Thats a knife he will stab one of you" She whispered "And why shouldnt I" He asked "Because they are famous and you will get sued" She said "Oh thats right the Janoskians" he smirked "then how bout a kiss" He added Lukes eyes widened "If it keeps you from killing em fine" She shurgged her shoulders broke free of my grasp she didnt even close her eyes she grabbed his arm and pulled it behind his back and pushed him to the wall we laughed our asses off "You really thought I was gonna kiss you" She laughed "Whats the problem" a police officer said "He has a pocket knife in his pocket threatened to stab us and tried punching her" Daniel said he arrested whats his face and we were find "We honestly thought you were gonna kiss him" I told her "Hell would freeze over before that happens" She laughed "are you okay thought he was pretty close to your face" Beau asked "Im fine" She smiled  shes not fine she was shaking like fucking crazy "Lets go back to our place and watch a movie or something" Luke suggested

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