Expect the unexpected

Breezy was a typical 17 year old girl with best friends who she loves to death an older brother and a sister the same age her best friends are like family to her mom and dad but one fall night everything Changes


5. Numb

Cat's P.O.V I do know about my parents now.... sadly i cried for hours when my brother told me but I have to be strong I guess.... we finished our dance but then Tami fell to the floor we hid her at first "Ill be right back" Simon said we nodded and he left "TAM!" We fell next to her and the boys got around us "I cant move at all" She said "What happened??" Jason asked "My body just gave out and I cant move" She said we saw someone run out of the room in the black hoodie "Breezy go you are on track" I told her "What if he hurts her too!" Luke said "Ill be fine babe promise" she told hold da phone BABE?!?! he nodded and she darted out the door "Tami can you move anything??" Harry asked she moves her arms and propped her self up "I can feel my arms and thats it" we saw breezy come back in "You catch him" Thomas asked she shook her head a coughed Luke went and made sure she was okay "Tami you okay?" She asked "Yeah im fine" Jake pulled her up "Over all you guys are amazing dancers" Madison said "Thanks" we smiled Tami stood up on her own "He just put numbing stuff in something you drank or ate dumb-ass" Zayn mumbled Tami just smiled and nodded "We actually came to get Brooke because a guy wants to see her and is waiting at the house" I said she looked at me confused and Luke looked upset "Who?" She asked intertwining her hands with Luke's "Its a surprise" Tami said she groaned "But whats going on with this one and you???" Courtney asked switching her fingers back and forth between Luke and Breezy "Ermmm"Breezy said and looked at Luke he smiled " We're dating" He smiled "Um hate to Interrupt but Breezy you live in the same neighborhood as the teenage girls just lost her parents do you know her name by any chance??"Simon asked I was trying not to break into tears Jake came over and hugged me and was telling me not to cry "Is she okay?" He asked "Um yes sir its just that" She took a deep breath  "that girl on the news crying um was me Cat just got home today those were our parents" She breathe I felt the tension I was trying so hard not to cry mostly for Breezys sake she hates seeing me cry "Are you okay or are you silently crying??" Jake whispered "Im trying not to cry for breezy you know how she is" I whispered back he nodded "T-they were your parents???" Vinny asked Breezy nodded "First we wanted to say us here at Syco records and are VERY sorry for your loss and if you need anything just ask" Simon said "Thanks" She smiled he nodded and walked away then tension got WORSE "So your parents......" Jason trailed off "Yeah" Breezy sighed Tami gave Jake the car keys and took me out to the car because I cant hold it in any longer........ as we walked out the door Breezy started explaining 

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