Expect the unexpected

Breezy was a typical 17 year old girl with best friends who she loves to death an older brother and a sister the same age her best friends are like family to her mom and dad but one fall night everything Changes


4. Home and Surprise

Beau's P.o.V

I can tell Luke really likes this girl. She's really sweet and I already think of her as a sister. We are on our way home and it's kinda an awkward silence. She let Daniel drive since she was shaking so bad."You know I can tell you guys if you wanna know why." he said. I was still scared. "I know you all wanna know." She finally spoke up. "You don't have to tell us if you don't want to." Jai said "Well, if you are gonna be like friends I guess you should know first because then you can decide if your gonna stay or not." We just stayed quiet. "That guys, was my ex boyfriend Mac, or as I call him, Voldemort. I started dating him when I was 13 and didn't get out of the relationship till I was 15. He was abusive he drank underage and ALMOST sexually assaulted me. He would scream and yell and hit me repeatedly until I couldn't stand, I was unconscious or till I bled. After that I have been scared of him and now I'm technically vulnerable now because my parents died last night and he will do everything in his power to hurt me" The last part she in a whisper."We had no idea.." I said. I was in shock mostly. Luke was on the verge of tears. we stopped in the drive way and got out of the car into the house and hugged her. "We wont let him touch you, you're too sweet and we are sorry about your parents." James said. "It's fine and don't worry about it I can protect my self." She smiled. "Nope, we will be there for you." Daniel said. We nodded in agreement and she smiled as our mum came down stairs. "Boys I'm going o-" She stopped when she saw Breezy. "Oh who's this??" She smiled."Mum, this is Breezy. She is the new girl working at the studio. Breezy, this is Jai, Beau's and my mum and also our manager, Gina." Luke introduced smiling, without taking his eyes off of Breezy. I think mum noticed. "Nice to meet you, sweetie." They shook hands. "You to." Breezy smiled awkwardly."They didn't kidnap you, did they?" she asked."MUM WE WOULD NEVER!" Jai exclaimed. Breezy laughed as Beau tackled her. "BEAU GET OFF OF HER" Luke yelled "You sure they didnt get kidnap you??" Mum asked "MUM!!!" We shouted "I'm kidding! I'm going to go out with some friends, will you guys be okay?" She asked."Yes mum, we will be fine." Jai said "Be nice to her" She said. "We will." We said in unison. When she was out the door we all sat down. "Before the movie, let's play truth or dare." I said. They all nodded. We sat in a circle and started playing. The bottle landed on Daniel."Skip, truth or dare??" I asked "Dare" He smiled."I dare you to ask out the girl you like right here right now." I smirked.

James P.O.V

He picked up his phone, dialed, and put it on speaker."Hello?" A girls voice rang we were all trying to keep quiet. "Hey Briana." He said. Luke started laughing, and Bree jumped and covered his mouth. "Hey Daniel, what's up?" She asked."Um, I gotta question." He said. Jai was starting to laugh, so I covered his mouth."Shoot." She said "Will you go out with me?" he asked. All of our eyes widened, he actually did it! "Your not screwing with me, are you?" She asked "No, I'm not." He smiled."Then yeah, but hey I gotta go dad just got home." she said."Okay, bye love." He said and hung up. Bree and I uncovered their mouths. We clapped. "Your turn." Skip spun the bottle and it landed on Breezy."Breezy truth or dare" He asked "Dare" She smiled.

"Out of all of us, I dare you to sit on one of our laps and kiss them." We all smirked. She got up kissed all of our cheeks and sat in Luke's lap. "You didn't specify where and I just met you all." She said."Then why are you in Luke's lap?" he questioned. "Because Beau tackled me earlier and all of you I dont feel like walking to and Luke didn't tackle me so, he was my choice." She smiled. Luke looked a bit crushed."Your turn." She spun the bottle and it landed on Luke."Luke, truth or dare." She asked"WE DARE YOU TO KISS BREEZY!" The boys and I yelled. Luke and her both blushed like mad. "Um, isn't she supposed to say the dare?" He laughed nervously. "Don't you want him to do that dare, Bree?" Jai said. She blushed, bit her lip and looked down "SEE!!!!" I screamed. She blushed harder and hid her face in lukes chest "Guys stop, you're making her blush." He smiled "Go ahead and say your dare love " He told her. She whispered something in his ear. He smirked and whispered something into her ear and they kissed. We all jumped up and cheered. She smiled and dug her face into Luke's chest. He kissed her head."SOO, ARE YOU TWO DATING?" I asked "Depends if she answers." He said.

She looked up at him and smiled "Yup! but just so you know you hurt me a few of my guy friends and my brothers will hurt you " She said  "So yeah, she's mine!" Luke kissed her cheek. Her phone rang, she got up and answered it

***************************PHONE CONVO BETWEEN CAT AND BREEZY *****************

"Hello??" I asked laughing

"B-B????" I heard Cat's voice ring through my phone.

"Hey Kitty Cat!" I said god I missed my baby sister.

"Hey, I told you I'd call every week to let you know I survived." She said.

"I'm glad you kept that promise." I told her

"Hey I listen..... occasionally" She said

"Yeah, we just don't listen to Zach when it comes to pranks and what not." I laughed.

She burst out laughing.

"Remind me pranks when I get home."

"As all always I will" I said.

"HEY CAT, WE GOTTA GO C'MON!" I heard someone yell in the back ground.

"COMING!" She said "Hey Breezyboo I gotta go, school." She said.

"Alright bye. Love you, stay out of trouble." I told her.

"I will love you to, bye!!!" She said.

**************************************END CONVO*******************************************

Luke's P.O.V

She said yes! She said fucking yes!!! I couldn't believe she's mine now. I just gotta think of a first date. When she got off the phone she smiled. God I love her smile..... it's official. I have fallen head over heels for her."Who was that??" I asked. She seemed pretty happy."My baby sister." She smiled."You have a sister????" James asked.

"Yeah she's like 1 year younger than me and is getting back in a few days. If you meet her do NOT tell her about my parents. That's Zach's job." She smiled "And who's Zach" Daniel said "Her brother." Beau Jai and I said in unison. "Who did you guys know that?" They asked. "Because she told Luke who was telling us at the movies while your flirted with the girls at the movies" Jai smiled "Okay we all are dying to know Can you sing" Beau asked we all looked at her she stood up "A bit not much im dance more than anything" She said we looked at her and they gave me a grab-her look I picked her up bridal style and we walked out to the car "Where are we going put me down!" She said I acted like I was going to drop her and she clung onto my neck and yelped a bit "LUKE DONT!" She said "Haha sorry babe" I smirked and put her in the car we were taking her back to the studio we have a dance crew there that we are good friends with we all got into the car and Beau was in the drivers seat "Keys?" He asked "DONT wreck my car" She said "I wont!" He exclaimed she handed him the keys and we started driving "Will someone tell us where we are going?!?!?!" She asked "Patients" Daniel poked her cheek "Dont turn into Jake in less you want to lose wrestling matches" She turned around and told him "Is that a challenge?!?!" He questioned poking her other cheek she turned around "Dont touch my dimples they are mine and no one elses!" She said pointing at him "but I get the honors of kissing them" I said and kissed her cheek where her cheek was "NO PDA!" Beau yelled as we pulled into the studio parking lot "We wanna see you dance" I said pulling her out of the car we all got in and ran into the One Direction boys and the Wanted "Hey guys" We said in unison "They kidnapped me" Breezy said "NO! we just wanna see your dancing skills so lets go" I said I saw Max eyeing Breezy and I wapped a protective arm around her waist "Well if she dances lets see" Simon smiled we pushed her to the studio

Breezy's P.O.V HOLY SHIT ITS THE ICONIC BOYZ! I was literally freaking out inside they boys yelled hey and they gathered around "Hey" they said "Can she Dance real fast???" They asked "Sure we are done rehearsing anyways" Mikey smiled "I hate you guys so much" I said glaring at Luke "HEY THEY TOLD ME TO!" He defended I rolled my eyes and I plugged my Ipod in and did this dance first (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGPcvO4lq7g These videos are completely safe trust me I went over them myself promise some of them are from fans some are from friends and some are from So you can think you can dance) I get lost in the music dancing has always been a favorite thing of mine  I finished and smiled everyone clapped "So you still dance" Jake said "Damn right OOOH Do you remember that once hip hop dance we learned?" I asked him I loved the dance he and I did "To the song Imma be?" He asked "YEAH!" I screamed "Someones a little excited" Daniel teased "Well I havent since this kid in FOREVER and he WAS My dance partner so leggo get your ass over here" I smiled he sighed and walked over and stretched "SO far you got extreme talent" Nick said I smiled I LOVED the Iconic boyz all of the boys sat on the floor "Thank you" I smiled "You ready??" I asked Jake nodded I put on the remix and we started dancing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt1eh2ruZFI the clapped "Damn boy you still got it but your better looking now" I teased him "Oh shut up I was good looking back then" He said "You wanna ask Tami that??" I said he stuck his tongue out at me "ASk me what" The girls came it I smiled and hugged him "guys this is Tami Courtney Chaira Brooklynn and Chloe also my dancing sisters and my best friends" I introduced them to everyone "And since your friends with me you know probably know everyones name" I said they nodded "Pretty much" They laughed and then they saw jake "Jake??? Jake Ryan?!?!?!" Courtney asked "Aye pretty ladies" He smirked they hugged him "SO you girls dance too" Jason asked "Yep" We smiled "So there is seven of you" Madison clarified "PLUS My sister whos not here so originally 8" I smiled "Im right here" She smiled "CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and hugged her "Damn you girls must be close" Louis (the iconic boy) Said "We are" We said in unison "SO can we all see you dance" Nathan asked "SURE!" We said I put on On the floor remix by Jennifer Lopez on we all got in our positions the boys just sat there and watched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzJNJfYPmdg they all clapped but Tami collapsed to the floor


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