What would you do of you met the most popular band in America? For Avery Summers it's a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. Growing up her only friends were, Sandy, Lana, Zayn and Henry. Her best friend was Zayn they never left eachothers side. Until the head cheer leader Daina started dating Zayn. That's when it all went down hill for her And Zayn's relationship. What will she do when she meets Zayn unexpectedly after ignoring eachother for eight years.


1. Outsider

My name is Avery Summers.  I'm one of those people that tend to mind there own business and not get into all the drama and shit that's going on in school.  I'm a senior, I go to Waterbay HighSchool. I only have three close friends Lana, Henry and A new friend his name is Niall, I remember meeting him during my second semester of choir,  he was a amazing singer. He left two weeks into the new semester because he audition for ex factor. I haven't seen him since. 


I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock that shouldn't really be working after how many times I've thrown it up against the wall in frustration. I slowly pull myself out of bed and walk downstairs to the bathroom to get ready.  Today was the last day of school, then off to college for me. I live alone in a big two story house in San Diego California.  My dad died and I live with my mom. She is on a business trip for six more months.  I finally reach the bathroom and get undressed to take a shower. I get out and finish getting ready.  I stop down in the kitchen and grab a yogurt and hurry out the

 door.. I finally make it to school and I haul ass to class because I'm already twenty minutes late. I bust through the door and see a guy about my age talking to my choir teacher. Everyone turns and stares Including the guy my teacher was talking to.. when I saw who it was my stomache dropped and fear mixed with anger and sadness welled up inside of me as I walked into a practice room and locked the door behind me. 






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