adopted by one direction?

my name is Allison ford, I wasn't supposed to be born, it was all a big mistake. I now live in an orphanage in new York city. my dad left me when I was born and my mom died when I was 6. my life is pretty boring....until I got I adopted by my 5 idols.....



chapter 4: MALLLL!! WOOHOO


Louis' POV-

Allison is so cute!! Im really happy Simon told us to adopt her! I was scared she would be one of those snotty little girls but she is really nice! "Hey ally, do you want to go to the mall today?" Niall asked. "YAY! the mall! of course I do." she giggled. "THEN TO THE MALL IT IS!!" I yelled....

*******skip car ride*******


we arrived at the mall and I looked for all the girly stores. "where do you like to shop?" I asked ally. "well, I wasn't allowed out of the house, Alicia usually went to get us clothes once every two months" she told us. Every two months. that must of been pretty awful..


Harrys POV-

I remember my sister always shopped at a store called Aeropostale. maybe we could go there. " hey guys," all of there heads shot towards me. "we could go to Aeropostale? my sister shops there" I heard a chorus of "yeahs" and "sures". we walked in and a purple floral sundress caught my eye... "hey ally, do you like this dress?" I asked her. "omg yes! its so pretty!" she responded. we bought the dress and a lot of other stuff and headed home.   

I hope she likes her new home....



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