adopted by one direction?

my name is Allison ford, I wasn't supposed to be born, it was all a big mistake. I now live in an orphanage in new York city. my dad left me when I was born and my mom died when I was 6. my life is pretty boring....until I got I adopted by my 5 idols.....


6. home sweet home!

chapter 6: home sweet home


Ally's POV:

we bought soo much stuff! I got 40 pairs of pants, 45 shirts, 20 skirts, 15 dresses, and 50 pairs of shoes! we also got lots of accessories and furniture! im so happy that im going to a real home!! "thank you guys so much!" i said as we were walking to our car. "no problamo my little carrot!" Louis yelled so that everyone was now looking at us. "not so loud!" i yelled at him.

************skip car ride****************


i walked in the house and felt my jaw meet the floor. "y-you live here?!?" i yelled. "yup!" they shouted in unision.

the rest of the day was just packing my stuff up, i was putting the last of my cloths when i heard someone yell "GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER NOW!"and a loud bang........




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