Don't let me go

This is the story of a girl who travels around the world, but no to meet a guy, or friends, she goes searching for beautiful places to take photographs at, she loves photography, and wishes to be a big and recognized photographer one day. But she walks in to something unexpected, that changes her life. What will it be?


3. Chapter 3 "First Stop"

"Yes, please"  I looked around but more carefully, suddenly I heard screaming coming from outside, and a lot of mumbles. I turned around and saw some girls gathering around with some posters and all those stuff. "Excuse me, are you expecting someone..famous?" I asked "Yes we are" Her face illuminated "If it's not to much annoyance, could I ask.. who is it?" She smiled wider "One Direction" She spoke. "One Direction? One... Direction? I don't know what that is" This comment made Kate cry of laughter, but the truth is we didn't know who 'One Direction'  was or were... I'm not sure if it's a guy or a group, but we checked in and went to our room, it looked so comfy and it was quite big, we put our stuff away and looked at the view, I don't know why but clouds are my favorite thing to take photos at, I just find it pacific. Hours past, and Kate and were getting tired, but some flashing lights caught our eyes, and the screaming was even more louder, so I sneaked out the bed and went to the window. "Oh God, Kate look at this" Was all I could say, the hotel was surrendered for at least five hundred people and they sang some songs, which was a bit annoying, suddenly we heard some voices come from the hall, so we sneaked out, "More fans in this floor too" a tall man said "We're not fans, we don't even know who you are" Kate said, "Are you sure?, Because if you are..." He turned around, showing us his whole body and he had huge muscles "We're sure" We nodded, not afraid of his muscles, in fact we laughed about it, when we saw he was shutting the room across ours.

At the next day I woke up and everything was exactly like we left it last night. "Kate" I threw a pillow at her face "What the heck?" She said annoyed "Time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty" I got up and went directly to get a shower, then Kate got one. "Ready?"  "Yeah, I think I'm ready. But I'll call Christian first" I let out a little hum  "Come on, you'll understand when you find the guy" She smiled while calling him. I was starving so I didn't wait for her, I went to the hotel's restaurant and ordered. I saw how some shirtless guys were passing near me, but I took a look at my phone. "Ain't you going to take pictures?" A male voice spoke, I noticed he was British.


"Why should I?" I asked "Well, you have right in front of you the most wanted guy" He smirked
"Oh really? I should've known!" I said sarcastic "What's your name, gorgeous?" He sat in front of me "That place is taken" I said coldly  "Oh sorry, seems like you're taken" He said getting up "Please, don't flirt with me" I paused "I'm not looking for someone, and not even a guy like you" I said Harsh, while I was complementing myself in the inside "Oh, rude lady we've got here, relax. I'm not looking for someone like you either" I couldn't believe he just said that "Then why did you talk to me?" I relaxed "You were here alone, I thought you needed a friend, but I bet you don't have any" He walked away.. pissed out? Perhaps but, he was flirting with me... that's something I don't accept.
Hello :D Well, I got on and saw that more read it, that's just cool ^_^ you inspire me, same as our  lads, hope you enjoy. Xx

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