A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


14. The Date

Trixie awoke with a start, excitement filling her stomach.

It had been three days since the capture of Jonesy, and the Bob-Whites had finally got back to their summer vacation. Di and her family had decided to stay down in Sleepyside for the next week which excited Bobby because that meant that his two best friends Larry and Terry would be visiting.

Trixie's reason for her excitement was simply because she was going on a date. Yes, a date. With the agreement of Trixie's father, of course.

Jim had been allowed to take Trixie out for the day, as long as she was home by 5 (Which was one of her Fathers rules.)

Honey had been excited for her best friend, when, out of the blue Brian actually stepped forward and said he would like to take her on a date, too. Honey had, of course went bright red but straight away accepted. The two girls then decided quickly that it should be a double date.

Mr and Mrs Wheeler had come down to check on their two children, and were staying at a hotel. Brian had to confront Mr Wheeler to get his acceptance for him to take Honey out.

Mart and Di had plans with Di's family and Dan would be meeting a girl he had met at college in town.

Trixie dressed and headed downstairs to meet Honey.

Trixie was dressed nicely in a light blue skirt and blouse. Honeys wore a dress that was sunshine yellow.

The two girls didn't know what the boys had in store for them, but they were very excited to find out.

Jim drove Trixie, Brian and Honey down to the beach, which was half an hours drive from Sleepyside. He pulled up in the parking bay and the 4 got out of the car.

'So what have you boys got planned?' Honey finally asked, unable to hold the question in any longer.

'You'll just have to wait and see.' Brian said, taking Honey's hand.

Honey blushed but entwined her fingers between his. Trixie grinned at Honey and winked.

'Oh, shut up.' Honey said giggling.

Trixie just laughed and took her place beside Jim before the two boys lead the girls down to the shore.

The beach was quite today. Only a few people were around, which was perfect.

Trixie took her shoes off and carried them along in her hand. The sand was warm between her toes and the sun beat down on her back.

'Lay your things here. First we are going for a swim...' Jim said looking at Brian and grinning. They had something planned alright.

No less than a second after Trixie placed her things down had Jim lifted her up in his strong arms and raced with her down to the shore, into the water and splashed her down into the cool, crystal clear sea. Brian followed immediately, lightly throwing Honey into the water beside Trixie.

The two girls surfaced, laughing and completely wet. They looked at each other.

'Splash them on three?' Trixie asked.

Honey nodded eagerly.

The two boys were laughing loudly, not noticing that the girls were working their war closer to them.

'One.' Trixie whispered as they ever so slightly edged closer to Brian and Jim.

'Two.' Honey mumbled, getting her hands ready to splash Brian.

'THREE!' the two girls shouted and splashed handful after handful of water onto the two unsuspecting boys.

'HEY!' Jim yelled spinning around to see Trixie. Before he could react she dived into him, splashing his face and pulling him under water with her.

She came up laughing and looked over to see Honey in Brian's arms getting spun around, laughing and having fun.

Trixie looked around for Jim. She couldn't see him. Worry filled her stomach. Right when she was about to call out to Brian and Honey a hand reached out and grabbed her leg pulling her backwards.

Trixie screamed and turned to see Jim.

'I couldn't see you!' Trixie said.

Jim laughed, 'exactly.'

Trixie realized that the joke was on her and smiled slightly. She reached out lightly punching Jim's shoulder. He grinned, noticing that she had really been worried and pulled her in close to him. She looked up into his eyes and he leaned down, kissing her lightly on the lips. Trixie smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as they kissed.

'Woah! Get a room!' Honey shouted across to them.

Trixie and Jim pulled away and looked back at Honey.

'Splash them?' Jim asked.

Trixie grinned, nodding and raced off for Honey.

Honey turned and tried to run but the water slowed her down. She started screaming and laughing as she tripped over and Trixie dived into the water with her.

After a morning of swimming Jim and Brian took the girls back to Sleepyside for lunch. They then decided that it was time to head home.

As they were driving along Glen Road they noticed smoke bellowing through the trees.

'Whats that?' Brian asked allowing the fright he felt ring through in his voice.

Jim sped up, 'I'm not sure but it doesn't look good!'

As they came to Honey and Jim's old home they noticed firetrucks parked outside and and the mansion was engulfed in red flames.

'Our house! It's on fire!' Honey squealed.

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