A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


11. Secrets and Surprises

'I know. That's why i'm so confused!' Spider said, looking from Trixie to Jim to Brian to Sargent Molinson.

'It doesn't make sense. The only possible reason I can think of is that this person some how got a hold of paper that use to belong to Jim's uncle.' Trixie said, deep in thought.

'And even that sounds silly.' Brian said, 'why would someone go to all the trouble of stealing paper from him, but waiting until now, 5 years after he died, to send the letters to us.'

Trixie shook her head, thinking hard.

'I think it's time you lot head home. We will send cars out to look for Mart and Di but in the mean time, there's nothing you can do.' Sargent Molinson said grimly.

Trixie looked up, 'yes there is! We can search too. They are our friends and they are missing! We need to be out there.'

'I agree with Trixie.' Honey said.

'Me too.' Dan added nodding.

As Sargent Molinson had expected, Jim and Brian also agreed. He sighed, 'I guess that's it then.'

'We will head out to our parents and let them know.' Honey said, leading the group out to Mr and Mrs Belden.

'Trixie! Oh, Trixie. What did they say about your brother? And Di, poor Di!' Mrs Belden said, tears streaming down her face. She wrapped her arms around her daughter and pulled her close.

'I've called Di's parents and they are on their way down.' Mr Belden said, a few tears in his own eyes. 'I'm going to talk to Sargent Molinson.' He said before heading into the station.

'Moms, we are all going out to help look for them.' Brian said coming over and hugging his mother.

She nodded wiping her cheeks. 'I'll be coming along too. Honey, Jim, I've phoned your parents as well, to let them know what is going on. They will be down here as quickly as they can.'

Honey nodded, tears brimming her eyes. Finally it had hit her. Two of her closest friends were kidnapped, and she may never see them again. Jim put a comforting arm around his sister.

'It'll be alright Honey.' He said hugging her. She nodded, 'I hope so.'

No less then 20 minutes later, the Bob-Whites, Mrs and Mr Belden and the police were out searching for clues as to where Di and Mart could have been taken. The police went back to the factory to search there, the Bob-Whites went back to Glen Road and checked all the neighboring houses, asking if they had seen anything, and Mr and Mrs Belden asked around Sleepyside, hoping someone had seen one of the two.

All the time, Trixie's mind kept ticking, as she continued to think hard about the letter, and fingerprints. She tried to make sense of it.

How did he get that paper? Why would he send us a letter with those fingerprints on it? To confuse us? I need a hint!

Suddenly Trixie straightened up, 'that's it!' she yelped.

The 4 friends turned and looked at her.

'What's it?' Jim asked, puzzled.

'I know where they are keeping Mart and Di!'

'What?' Honey gasped.

'Where, Trix?' Brian jumped in.

'Up at the old ruins of Jim's Uncles house! Where else could they get the paper from? It was probably some paper that wasn't burnt! I bet that newspaper was one of the old one's in his house that hadn't burnt either. The factory was a decoy!'

'That makes sense! It is close, close enough to hear us and see the police and be able to drop off the letters. That has got to be it!' Dan said, his eyes filling with excitement. 'You four head up there now. Ill go down to your house and phone the police and your parents.' he said looking at Trixie.

She nodded, 'see you soon.' and with that, the parted ways.

Jim, Brian, Honey and Trixie headed up to the burnt remains of the old mansion, being as quiet and careful as they could.

As they reached the edge of the land, Trixie noticed a small movement in the bushes beside them. Her eyes widened, and she was just about to call out to Jim to watch out, but it was too late. The gun was put to his head and he was forced out into the clearing.

'Come any closer, and i'll shoot him.' Jonesy said, grinning.


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