A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


2. Promise

Trixie looked at the letter that now lay on the floor in disbelief.
'Trix, what is it?!' Honey asked worried.
'Read for yourself!' Trixie said bending down and picking up the letter and passing it to Honey.
Honey gasped as she read the last sentence.
'What is this?!'
Trixie shook her head. 'I don't know.'
She could feel tears stinging her eyes but she held them back. They would find out who is threatening Trixie; and all the bob-whites at that.
Jim and Mart came over and saw the looks on their faces. Honey handed Mart the letter. His jaw dropped as he read it. Jim's anger was flaring.
'Who do they think they are?!' He half shouted.
'What's going on in here?!' Brian asked coming into the hallway followed by Di and Dan.
'See for yourself.' Jim said handing Brian the letter.
Brian didn't say anything. Di went pale and Dan's anger almost got the better of him.
'Who would send us something like this?' Brian asked trying to keep his cool.
Trixie shook her head. 'I don't know. It makes no sense. We haven't done anything!'
Once again the tears were building up in Trixie's eyes but still she held them back.
Jim looked over and could see that Trixie wasn't okay.
'Let's just leave it for tonight. Try to stay positive like always. And tomorrow we can take it to Sargent Molinson.' Jim suggested.
Everyone agreed. Trixie stuffed the letter into her pocket after retrieving it off Dan.
'Are you alright?' Dan asked also noticing her struggle to hold in the emotions.
Trixie nodded. 'Yeah, just in shock and a bit confused.'
Dan nodded and gave Trixie a little hug from the side squeezing her arm. 'The police will find them. Or even us. Not a case we haven't solved!' He said trying to make her smile.
It worked. 'Thanks Dan.' Trixie said.

Dinner was a little more silent than usual. Mr Belden noticed the atmosphere that surrounded them but thought it was best to leave it. If they needed to discuss something with him then they will come to him when they are ready.
Bobby had been spending a lot of time at a new friend he had made down the road from Crabapple farm. He was spending the next few nights there so it was quiet in the Belden house. Well until the Bob-whites come home of a night. They were a loud bunch but Mr and Mrs Belden loved them all as if they all belonged to them, not just Trixie, Brian and Mart. They had become a part of the family and Mr and Mrs Belden could see they all had a bond that was tight and a friendship that will be there forever no matter where they all ended up in life.
Mrs Belden smiled to herself as she thought of that, remembering her own friends from when she was a child. She wasn't in touch as often with them all but she would never forget the memories they all shared. She could tell the Bob-Whites would be the same.

After dinner the Bob-Whites decided to sit out under the stars for a while.
'Never really been into stargazing. But it is never too late to start!' Di said as they all found a grassy patch of ground to sit on. They sat under a large oak tree looking out over Crabapple farm. They could see the Manor House up on the Hill.
'I miss this place.' Said Honey.
She was leaning against the tree beside Brian. Di and Mart lay on their backs looking up at the stars and Dan sat on the other side of Honey against the tree. Trixie and Jim sat side by side on the grass, Jim's arm firmly around Trixie. Protecting her, though there was nothing she needed protecting from. Not at this time anyway.
'I miss you guys.' Trixie added on to Honey's statement.
'I miss hanging out every day at school and after school and the bus rides.' Di said.
'And us always getting into mysteries. Life is so boring without them!' Mart added.
'And nights like these.' Brian said joining in.
'And the group. Just knowing we are always here to lean on and talk to.' Jim sighed.
'But we are always here Jim. No matter where we are in the world, or what happens in the future, we will always be the Bob-Whites. We will always be there to talk to and lean on.' Honey said kindly.
'Let's make a promise.' Trixie suggested, 'Once every year during summer holidays we come here, to the farm, no matter if it is for a day or a week or a month, just to catch up. Once every year to see each other again.'
'I promise.' Dan and Mart said at the same time.
'So do I.' Honey nodded.
'Me too. Once a year.' Di said excitedly.
Brian grinned. 'It's a promise!'
Trixie smiled and looked at Jim. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes. 'I promise.'

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