A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


6. Another Letter

By the time they had finished their hand work, the sun had risen high in the sky, indicating it was midday.

'I think lunch would be a good idea, would it not?' Jim asked, looking from Honey, to Trixie, to Regan.

'You are beginning to sound like Mart.' Trixie said.

Jim raised an eyebrow, 'I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.'

Trixie laughed, then turned to Regan, 'would you like to join us?' She asked.

Regan shook his head, 'I would love too, but I think I should head back before Mr Wheeler starts getting suspicious. Rocking up at your house to have lunch would seem pretty weird, especially if it got back to him.'

'Oh,' Trixie said, her smile disappearing.

'Come back soon!' Honey added.

'Don't worry, I plan to, and i'll keep coming back until the day we move back,' Regan said a smile playing on his lips.

The three Bob-Whites grinned.

'I will continue helping until exactly that happens!' Trixie exclaimed.

Regan smiled, then turned and headed towards the stable, where he had conveniently hid his car.

Trixie smiled at her friends, 'let's head back for lunch. I'm starving!'

'Now you're the one sounding like Mart.' Jim sighed.

The three laughed and turned, heading down the road to Crabapple farm.

Brian and Dan had spent most of the morning with the police man who had been sent out to watch the homestead. Di and Mart had helped for a short amount of time but, eventually, headed back inside to help Mrs. Belden with lunch.

After a good feeding the seven friends decided to hold a meeting, the decision coming from co-president Jim, about the letter Trixie had received.

As they approached the small clubhouse, Trixie noticed a white piece of paper sticking out of the door. She raced forward and pulled the letter from it's holder.

Telling the police?

Not a good move.

Trixie gasped, shoving the letter towards Jim. He read it, the colour draining from his face. He looked around wildly, searching for who could have planted the letter there.

'Everyone, inside now. The meeting is now in order.'

Everyone hurried inside, taking a seat anywhere where there was an available one.

'What is it, Jim?' Di asked, worry filling her eyes.

'Another letter. It reads: Telling the police? Not a good move. Someone is definitely out to get Trixie, and maybe even all of us. We are going to have to start being really careful.'

'Should we take that one to the police?' Honey questioned.

'No.' Trixie said.

Jim looked at her, 'Trix, this is getting very serious. We need to tell them.'

'Jim, you read the letter, right? It said not to talk to the police. Well not exactly those words, but close enough. We need to find out what they want.'

Brian put a hand on his sisters shoulder, 'Trixie, Jim's right. We need to tell them.'

'And then if we tell them, things get worse because we did what they asked us not to do, Brian? Then they come after us and hurt us?'

'They are already after us, Trix.' Mart piped up, 'and if someone gets hurt-'

'No one will get hurt.' Trixie said.

'But if some gets hurt, how will you feel? Terrible. We need to tell them.'

'If we tell them then someone will get hurt anyway.' Trixie fought back, 'we need to listen to them, work out who it is, do what they want, then when they are gone we will turn them in. It'll be the perfect set up.'

'Set up...' Dan said suddenly, speaking for the first time since the meeting started.

'What Dan?' Jim questioned.

'Set up. That's the answer. We will set the them up.'

Trixie frowned, 'that's what I just said.'

'No, not that set up, a different one. We will tell the police, but get them to keep it quiet. We will get them to leave, or at least hide while they are keeping watch. Then we will pretend to 'do' whatever this person wants-'

Honey started to catch on to the plan, along with everyone else.

'They we will set up a meeting or exchange of some sort, invite the police along, and BOOM, they will be smacked into handcuffs and thrown in jail!'

Trixie thought about this, 'you know, that actually might work!' She said finally, flashing Dan a smile.

'What can I say? I am the brains of the group.'

This remark resulted in a bunch of cushions and other loose objects lying around being thrown in Dan's direction.

'Hey! Alright, alright maybe only 85% of the brains.'

Everyone laughed, their mood lifted after the discovery of the letter.

'Well, Bob-Whites. Its time to put this plan into action.' Jim said grinning wickedly.


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