A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


1. Summer Sun

It had been a week since the Bob-Whites had managed to put Kane and Phil behind bars. They had been swimming everyday, getting the club house back cleaned up, catching up on all the new news and having a wonderful time together. Trixie sat on the edge of the Wheelers old lake sunbaking beside Honey and Di.
'This is really nice.' She said soaking in the nice warm sun.
Jim, Brian, Mart and Dan were in the water having a good laugh. Jim looked up at Trixie and smiled. He turned to the boys and the 4 of them came up with a quick plan of attack. Suprise attack actually. They snuck up on the girls, buckets full of water and while they wern't expecting it they poured the water on them. The three of them jumped up screaming at how cold it was.
'Hey!?' Trixie yelled chasing Jim into the water laughing. Honey was hoisted up on Brians Shoulder and Mart was chasing Di into the water. Dan was busy filling up the buskets to protect himdelf with. Dan chucked the bucket of water at Jim who was running away from Trixie.
'Hey, i thought we were on the same side?!' Jim laughed still trying to doge Trixie.
'Sorry Jim. Every man for himself!' Dan yelled.
'Well in that case.' Jim said grabbing a bucket of water and tossing it at Dan.
That allowed enough time for Trixie to dive onto Jim's back and together they splashed into the water. Trixie sat up laughing but Jim wasn't going to give up that easy. He jumpet up grabbing Trixie by the waist and walked out into the deeper water.
'Noo Jim!' She yelled laughing.
Brian stood beside Jim laughing as Honey stood beside him laughing. Suddenly the boys did something un expected. Jim set Trixie down.
'May i have this dance?' He asked very formaly.
Brian also extended a hand to Honey and Mart waded out with Di in his hands. Trixie laughed.
'You may!' The 6 of them danced around in the water as Dan snuck up with more water in his bucket ready to toss on them.

The 7 of them had a great afternoon together in the water. When they got back to Crabapple farm Trixie was greeted with a lot of licks on the face from Reddy.
'Trixie, there was a letter for you.' Mrs Belden said handing Trixie a letter.
She was still laughing after Reddys attack and the swim. She flipped it over. There was no return address on it or any indication as to who it was from. She frowned and tore it open. Quickly she un folded the letter and read what it had to say. What was written was only a few small words.

Dear Trixie,
You can't keep beating us forever.
You will soon slip up and it will be all over for you and your friends.
Death isn't always pleasent.

Trixie gasped dropping the letter. Was someone threatning her and the Bob-Whites lives?

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