What about Love?

Megan falls in love with someone she thinks she knows. Someone, who her friends worked so hard on to find out how to keep the relationship going and started.
But what will happen when she and her friends find out the true identity of Megans handsome boyfriend and his four charming friends?
Find out in "What about Love"

P.S comment if you want to be a co-author. Even though i'm not sure I need one...


2. Сhapter 2 'Where have you been all my life?'

Demi's mom finally showed up. "Hi girls!" Demi's tall mom said as we jumped into the car. We put on our seat belts and headed to the pool to cool down after waiting outside in the heat. After the ride we climbed out and collected our things. "Bye Mom!!" Demi shouted as we jumped out of the car. "Hi, please sign in" said the lifeguard at the front desk. Demi signed in quickly and we went to change and put our stuff down on beach chairs near the lifeguard chair, because Sam said he "is SOO hot."

"I'm gonna go to the snack bar you guys!!" I said as I grabbed my money. "Hi!" I said as I walked up. I averted my eyes to the snack board. "Umm, do you have Salt & Vinegar chips?" I asked as I then looked through my fat wallet for money. "Yeah sure Megan. I'll be right back." Wait what? I thought as I stopped picking through my wallet. Who was just at the snack bar? I didn't even look at the guy. "Here you go Megan." I heard a deep masculine voice say. It sounded so familiar. I looked up. "Nat!" I said. "I didn't know you worked here!" "Yeah... Neither  did I." He said laughing. I laughed along with him. "My mom said I needed a summer job, so she woke me up earlier today, and here I am. I'm also a life guard here. Speaking of which, it's my lunch break. I'm off for a swim."

He took off his shirt, exposing  his six pack which glistening in the sun. Where have you been all my life! I thought. I held back a giggle. He climbed up the diving board and he jumped into the air, doing a perfect flip. We swam for a while, with my two friends Sam and Demi also. At the end of the day he caught my eyes and I starred deep into his green eyes. We slowly filled the gap between us, when dear old Sam coughed loudly and started laughing a little. Nat and I both turned away, and I giggled nervously. "Well..." Nat said slowly. "See you guys tomorrow". When he was gone Demi began yelling at Sam about how she ruined a perfect relationship that was going to last forever. Sam laughed and simply stated. "If he -really- likes her, then he'll come back. Lets say what I just did was a test not a joke". Demi perked up at the thought. "Since you guys are sleeping over... We can plan more plans!!!" "Oh no" I said as Demi dragged me back to her house, Sam happily skipped along. She was probably glad that Demi didn't kill her. 

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