What about Love?

Megan falls in love with someone she thinks she knows. Someone, who her friends worked so hard on to find out how to keep the relationship going and started.
But what will happen when she and her friends find out the true identity of Megans handsome boyfriend and his four charming friends?
Find out in "What about Love"

P.S comment if you want to be a co-author. Even though i'm not sure I need one...


10. Chapter 9 'Megan' "Thinking"

Nat was such a gentleman that night. He walked me to the door, kissed my check, and left me there, smiling crazily like a lunatic.

He really knows how to impress a girl, and I can be hard to get. I ran upstairs, said goodnight to my family, changed, (did all that before bed stuff), and flopped down on my bed, thinking. What happened with Nat's friend, and why did they keep messing up each others names?

I sighed. I was exhausted from my long day. I got underneath the covers of my bed and thought some more. He called me his girlfriend didn't he? But he'd never asked me. Nat was coming out to be not such an open person to giving away his thoughts. I picked up my book and tried reading, but all I could think of was Nat and our interesting date that day....

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